The French Resistance Museum in our loft

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What's in your parent's attic? Your old school work and teddy bears? Projects half done but long forgotten? Half empty paint cans from decorating jobs of yonder years? This is my step-dad's's in essence his very own museum. You know those lucky people who find a hobby, completely unrelated to their job, which fills their time and their passion? He's one of those.

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7 years ago, I helped my Step-Dad start a blog, and he's dedicated his free time to it every since. Each year he posts more than 100 articles, each meticulously researched, referenced and translated in French, about the daily life and liberation of the south west of France during the second world war. The French Resistance describes the groups of people who rose up and fought against Nazi occupation of France. It's not a topic I know loads about, although I do my best to listen and learn I promise!

You can find his blog here ----> La Resistance Francaise (you can use google translate if you want to read it in English!)

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So his loft contains all of the items he's collected over the years, many of which have been gifted/donated to him by family members of the people he writes about. He's travelled to their homes, listening to their stories, and collected their memories. He pieces together how they all interlink with each other. Some of his pieces have never been seen by anyone, handed over to him to treasure.

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The loft is set up as if it were a room of someone living through the French Resistance, transporting you back in time, as you climb up the stairs. You can feel the weight of what the objects have been through, and survived, although of course many of their owners did not. Especially with the current political climate, it challenges you to consider what you'd be willing to do, how much you could fight, and risk.

I envy his hobby in many ways, to have found something worthwhile, yet passion-led, to channel yourself into. To have something to throw yourself into. He cares so much about these people, and he carries their stories with such a sense of responsibility.