5 wig wearing tips (how to make synthetic wigs look more realistic)

I'm no vlogger, so excuse the quality here, but sod it, it was just easier to do a bit of a show and tell.

I attended a couple of blogger events recently where I received a lot of compliments on my hair, and a lot of shocked faces when I said that I wear wigs. So I grabbed my phone and made this short video of my 5 top tips for wearing synthetic non-lace front wigs.

1. Buy one with a fringe. Fringes cover the tell-tale hairline, and make it much easier to make a wig look more real.

2. Buy a wig that has multi-toned strands in it. So my green wig has strands that are of varying greens, and my peach wig has orange, pink and peach strands in it. Dark roots help too.

3. Wear a hair accessory to help keep it in place, and distract from the hairline. I love a bandana, but many people wear hats for this purpose too.

4. Style the wig to have some of the hair away from your face. 

5. Buy a wig that has a faux parting, so that the wig sits more  naturally on your head, and less cone-head shaped.

Hope that helps, and do let me know if you have any questions!