5 weeks away from BodyPump....

reeree 5 weeks off gym

Last night was finally the night I returned to the gym after 5 weeks away. I had two week on holiday and 3 weeks were a mixture of sprained ankle and life dramas. I was excited to get back, but a littler nervous too.

Before my 5 weeks off I'd been pretty good at sticking to 4 visits a week, and I'd worked up to lifting a nice chunk of weight during BodyPump. But now I was returning with a pretty sore ankle and 5 weeks of no exercise.

I was a few minutes late leaving work, but I rushed, got changed and made it in time. Phew. It was a brand new instructor, so I took the time to explain my injury, and that I'd adapt any exercises I couldn't do.

The first minute of the warm-up was brilliant. I was so glad to be back, even though I was working with a little less weight. The music in BodyPump really gets you going, and I love how strong it makes me feel. However after a minute or two I felt really shaky and faint. What I'd forgotten was that to go to the gym I need to eat more than my salad and rye bread lunch. Definitely not enough.

So it ended up being a bit of a disaster. I felt so on the edge of fainting for the whole time, and during squats I ended up putting all my weights down and using body weight only. My ego hated it, but fainting would be worse! I also had to leave during another song for water, as I really felt like I could fall down. So silly!

It was all a rather pathetic session, lifting very small weights and fighting fainting. However, I stayed the whole session and am so relieved to be back.