5 ways to become the person you want to be


It can get a bit tiresome when people preach about creating the life you want, particularly when you feel you work hard, but yet you want more (and/or different). You may want to be different, or to feel different, and just feel that life is conspiring against you; regardless of how many self-help quotes you pin on your pinterest board.

Rather annoyingly, the reason that these quotes have become cliched and classic is that they are based in truth.  Although we cannot control everything and everyone that influences our lives, there have always been people who have survived worse, and faced their adversities with a positive attitude. I doubt anyone has ever regretted these attitude choices.

So what decisions do we make daily, and what do they cause us to be?

If you choose pizza for dinner, is that the choice of someone who is a healthy eater? 

If you choose to get home and watch 4 hours of television, is that the choice of someone who is going to quit their job and become self employed?

If you choose to moan about your day, is that the choice of someone who is a positive influence to those they love?

If you choose to stay in because you're nervous about  meeting new people, is that the choice of someone who wants to make new friends

Step 1 is deciding what it is exactly that you want. A concrete vision of who you want to be, or what you want to achieve. 

Step 2 is deciding that if you were already that person, what choices would that person be making.

Step 3 Make those choices as if you were that person.

Step 4  Keep faking it, keep making those choices, until you realise you were that person all along.

Step 5 Keep repeating. One choice at a time.