5 Top Tips to Help Improve Your Website


Does your website (whether shop, blog or whatever else a site can be these days!) need a tune-up? I was recently lucky enough to have a web expert glance over my site and give instant feedback. It reminded me how crucial an outsider's view point is! Having someone, who has never seen your site before, and has no idea what you do, give feedback on their experience of your site is priceless!

So, my top five tips for giving your website a little spruce up.

1. Can a stranger to your site instantly tell what it is you do? Test this if possible...you may be surprised. You know your site inside out, and will find it hard to imagine not understanding it. Do you sell, blog, share, create....is it obvious? What d you offer and can people realise this quickly?

2. Does your site make people want to stay? We all know most of us hate automatic music, but what about other turnoffs and turn ons. Does it look interesting? Well written? Easy-on-the-eye graphics? No spam? Flashing images?

3. Do you provide all info people may want? Who writes the site? Why? Contact details? Location? Clear images? 

4. Do you give people a reason to want to remember you and come back? New content? New products? Can people subscribe? Mailing lists? Is your url easy to remember and spell?

5. Is it obvious what differentiates you from your competition. Spell it out! Are you the best, funniest, most up to date, most honest, best value, most relevant, unique content, cheapest, most expensive, most useful? 

People view, judge and rate websites very quickly, and you may need to figure out how best to convey your message in just a super quick glance. Perhaps you need to ask someone to check out your site, and just listen as they give feedback as they explore. You may be surprised.