5 things I'm really shallow about on Tinder

Things that I judge men on (and prove how shallow I am on Tinder)

1. Sunglasses choice. Especially those weird 90s bug shaped wrap around ones.

2. Posing with wild animals (monkeys, tigers, dolphins). I get that you're trying to show that you're well-travelled and all that, but it's just a bit sad to pay to pose with a drugged and/or chained animal isn't it?

3. Less than 3 pictures. You're just not playing the game, and therefore I doubt you're in it for the long haul. 

4. Your profile picture has you wearing sunglasses, or is a group shot. You're either embarassed to be on it, or you're again, not really playing the game correctly.

5. You include photos of a close up of one of your tattoos. I have zero clue why you think that's appropriate for a dating site. Maybe you think it's the most interesting thing about you.