5 things I wish I didn't suck at


1. I'm painfully aware I'm tone deaf and it's pretty unpleasant to hear. Singing privately still brings me joy but I wish I could sing. Just in tune.

2. I've always been the 'sensible one' and I've always been curious as to what life would be like if I were better at creating fun. I've certainly improved, and I work hard to be enthusiastic about small joys but it's not quite the same thing.  

3. I don't generally make a great first impression socially. I like to think I'm a slow burner. This can make it challenging to make new connections and something I have tried to improve over the years.

4. I seem to lack an internal compass that allows other people to know which was they are headed. If I come out of a shop I face to walk the way I've just come. I get lost on most journeys to new places.

5. I suck at subtlety. My tone of voice gives me away or the volume of my voice means everyone in the room knows what I think. 

We can't all be good at everything though  right?!