5 reasons you shouldn't start a business

5 signs starting your business would be a bad idea

1. Uncertainty makes you anxious

Starting your own business means throwing certainty to the wind, and being willing to live each day as it comes for a while. You may not have predictable hours, or predictable income for a long time (if ever). Your success may not follow the path you expected, and failure may well need to become an option. Some people are more suited for uncertainty than others. Not knowing what may be can be seen as exciting, or scary as sh*t.

2. You find it hard to make a decision or to trust your own opinion.

It sometimes surprises me how some people seem unwilling or unable to make a decision. If you're going to be in charge, you'll need to be able to make a choice, sometimes quickly and usually with certainty. Dilly-dallying around isn't usually smart or even a possibility.

3. You find self motivation challenging.

Many people need an external factor to trigger their get-up-and-go. You may need the fear of being sacked, or having a disappointed boss to make you work to your very optimum. You may well find staying self motivated pretty hard, and it may well make you miserable. The feeling of not getting enough done is a pretty depressing one.

4. You are a pessimist

Your glass is always half empty, and you naturally see the negative in most situations which could make the the world of running a business pretty tough. You need to be able to spot opportunities when they arise, and see possibility when others do not. 

5. You can't feel the fear and do it anyway

Taking a leap of faith is scary, no matter how self assured you are. If you want to run a successful business you'll need to be able to acknowledge and feel fear, but be able to just do it anyway. Fear doesn't go away just because success creeps in; you just get better at the just doing it part.