5 of my favourite instagram accounts

What's so fabulous about social media is that your stream can contain whatever you want it to. Whatever interests you can fill your screens, and your feed may well look completely different to your best friends. I thought I'd share 5 of my favourite instagram accounts - who I love having in my feed.

@trailertrashtattoo is the account of an Australian tattoo shop Trailer Trash Tattoo owned by one of my favourite tattoo artists Mimsy. The colourful tattoos always bring a smile to my face.

@humansofny was started by Brandon in 2010 and ended up being a no.1 best selling book. Humans of New York just brings a glimpse of humanity into my instagram feed. How alike we all are, how we all basically connect through our basic needs and desires. The first man on the left has the quote,

""I think I'm happiest when I'm broke." "Why's that?" "Because I can always find a good meal. But when I'm broke, I can't afford to do the things I shouldn't be doing."

The middle girls has:

"Young entrepreneurs discovered on Lefferts Place, between Classon and Grand. By employing aggressively low price points, these titans of industry have competitively positioned themselves in the nail painting industry. However, "customers aren't coming," most likely due to the flagging economy and unrest in Eastern Europe. However, there is still time for things to turn around. The business will remain open until 6 PM, "if it's OK with Grandma."

and the final loved up pair,

""He's wonderful in bed."

@vintage_tattoos is a fabulous account run by Steven Wrigley, sharing vintage tattoos - exactly what it says on the tin! These are from the 50s and 60s, but tattoos selected range from much older right up until the 80s. I love seeing them all!

@gethealthy_gethappy is an account I've followed ever since I started my own health and fitness journey. I wish I knew more about her, but I've never found a website or fb page.  Instagram can be weird like that,  I know her weight loss journey, who she dates and what she eats, but don't know her name. I love her positivity and her results.

@coltbowden is one of many  sign writers I follow, I just love fonts! Colt Bowden prints the most delightful zines, "How to paint signs and influence people".


I'd love to read a blog about your favourite instagrammers - publish a blog and then link it here so we can read them!