5 Laws of Tinder

I rarely meet anyone who doesn't Tinder (verb: To use the dating app Tinder) and I'm often swapping tips and horror stories with clients and people I meet. I love online dating as a concept (how else could we expand our social circles so randomly?) but I do feel we could do with creating some official laws for the happy and safe use of Tinder. To ensure we're all on the same page, and doing as little damage as possible.

Here are my current ones!

1.If you use a photo of yourself topless you're looking for some naughty fun times. This code is great as it means everyone is on the same page, and no one gets muddled with their intentions. It's fine to want a hook-up, but not fine to pretend you're after something more long term if you don't really.

2. If you only use photos of yourself in sunglasses you have a degree of low self esteem, and don't feel comfortable on a dating site, or taking photos of yourself.

3. If you post more than one group photo you understand that your tinder match will be hoping to meet your cute mate asap.

4. If you're a guy who posts his height as part of your description, women presume you're 2 inches shorter than that. Is height really so crucial in finding someone?

5. If all of your photos are party photos (drink in hand, etc) it is the same code as rule 1.