Does this mean I'm officially grown up now?

My mother used to tell me that you never really feel like a real adult, and that she forever feels like she's 21, despite being in her 60s. But now that I'm in my 30s, I have definitely started experiencing more moments of "Shit, I've got this adult thing nailed". Maybe that means I'm officially a grown up? This past week I've had two in particular.

1.  I had a moment this week of being pretty excited to upgrading to my autumn duvet. There is a running joke with my friends that you shouldn't talk to me about duvets as I get so animated about mine, you'll be stuck talking about them for 20 minutes. 

This isn't my exact duvet, but it's similar in that its feather and down, and critically contains two duvets - a 4.5 tog and a 9 tog. Which results in your summer duvet (4.5), your autumn and spring duvet (9) and during winter they join together to give you 13.5. Boom.

A younger, more naive ReeRee would have laughed at spending more than £70 on a duvet, but by gosh, when I sleep anywhere which has a normal cheap duvet I'm reminded exactly what a difference it makes! Ha, surely this is proof that I'm an actual grown up?

2. I reviewed the BIZZBY app and got so excited about having clean windows I instantly sent pictures to my best friends......who then also got excited about having their windows cleaned.

bizzby review app

I live on a busy high street, and when I moved in my bedroom windows were filthy. But I live above a shop, so I can't reach the outsides myself, which just meant living with the grime. Perhaps the ReeRee of 10 years ago wouldn't have even noticed the filth coating the windows, but adult-Ree certainly had.  BIZZBY is a new app (think Uber but for all household services you could need) and when they asked me to give them a trial, I instantly got excited about having my windows cleaned. Yup, I've become that person.

bizzby app review

How the increase in natural light immediately impacted my mood was astounding, and I was almost sad I hadn't done it as soon as I moved in. Anyhoo, if you enjoy Uber for travel, you may well like BIZZBY for household stuff. My window cleaner was here within the hour. Easy Peasy.

I am officially someone who talks about window cleaning, duvets and house prices with her friends. And I think I'm okay with that.