My 2016 - in 9 pictures.

reeree best of 2016

I thought I'd jump on the #Bestof2016 bandwagon, and use it as a prompt for me to reflect upon the year just gone. So from top left, in order, some thoughts about my 2016.

1 + 2. The first two are the same event - a blogger's trip to Newbury Races. I bought a hat, wore a new dress, and enjoyed a cocktail on  the train. That's what happens at ladies day right? I wouldn't say I'd be keen to return for a race day, but we had a lovely day in the sunshine.

3. Holographic nails. Boom. £8 more, but made me feel fancy. I love having my nails done, not the process, but the end result. It makes me feel 'put together'.

4. I turned 34 this year, which means I'm now in my mid-30s. One of gifts was a new purse with cash for my trip to Bali, and cash for a tattoo. I doubled up and got a tattoo in Bali.

5. I reminisced over one of my Las Vegas trips, this picture of me with a parasol is from 3 years ago. I'm not really part of the rockabilly/vintage community anymore, but Viva Las Vegas (a weekender in Vegas) was always such fun. I'd still return.

6. This was from the start of 2016, before I'd started wearing wigs full time, and just had colourful hair. I was having a tough time emotionally, but putting my best face forward and getting on with it. Lipstick can hold a lot of power!

7+8. Again these two are from the same period of time, January, back when I was testing Olaplex to its limits, getting my black hair to blonde.

9. This was the day before I started a new job (see - the secret I've kept for 10 months) so I was no doubt feeling a little nervous. Nervous about managing a salon and working full time, along with nervous about whether I could work in a new industry and for someone else, after being solely self employed for over 5 years.

What a year, and I know that 2017 is going to be even bigger and better, just watch this space.


P.s - My 9 best pics last year were: