4 years of #ootd - from my first outfit post to now

I've been taking outfit pictures for over 4 years. What have become known as #ootd (outfit of the day) started long before bloggers regularly paired up with brands and clothing companies. Photo 1 is my very first outfit post in April 2011, and I was so nervous publishing it. I liked a filter then, again before instagram, and before the trend for nice and clear photos!! ha ha.

Photo 2 was my very first outfit post in my new flat, in July 2011. My flat is small, so posing in front of my white wardrobe was the only obvious place to stand. Those darned white doors have done me proud over the years!

After I opened the salon in 2012 I went through a phase of taking my #ootd pictures there. Photo 3 was June 2012. Blimey I look back at what I wore with a pretty loud chuckle.

Photo 4 is back to the flat another year on and is Nov 2013.

I had a lovely summer housesitting, and took advantage of having better light! Photo 5 was April 2014, and if I'm honest, the time I felt the best style wise.

Leap into 2015 with photo 6, 7 and 8!

It's somewhat surreal to have nearly 900 outfit photos, and such a modern phenomenon! I actually find my earlier outfits quite hard to look at sometimes, I recall feeling great, but look so mismatched and rather odd/crazy at times! I guess that's what happens to our sense of style, we always look back and grimmace a little!

I've been lucky enough to have worked with many fashion brands over the years, and have had the opportunity to receive quite a lot of clothing and accessories to review. Honestly, I'm really grateful that you lot even notice what I wear.

I envy style bloggers who have gorgeous flats, or who drag a boyfriend outside to take pics (actually I wouldn't do that even with a man as an option), while I've been stood in front of my shabby wardrobe in poor lighting. Now that after 4 years I'm moving, who knows where my #ootd pics will be taken? Hopefully somewhere a little more blog worthy! Watch this space!