4 ways to be productive in 2015

1. Find (and use) a way to focus and manage your time. We all have enough time, we just don't always priortise how best to use it. I've recently started using the Bullet Journal system, to manage my days and keep my thoughts in one structured place.

2. Really open your eyes to the productivity blockage points and fix them. A great example from my work life comes about because I work both from home and the salon. I may have decided that I'd sit down and get some bills paid, but then realise that I've left the Bank Card Reader at the other location. You know the thing I mean, that calculator thing that you authorise payments with. I never seemed to have mine where and when I needed it, and it really blocked my productivity. The solution? Ordering a second! I now have one at home, and one at work, and can do my accounts whenever I need to.

A second example of this was the blockage point when preparing my weekly payroll data. I'd settle down, and realise I didn't have a pen....or a calculator....or the payroll hours.... etc. I fixed this productivity blockage point by creating a payroll box. It's small, maybe the size of 10 CD boxes stacked, but it holds everything I need for payroll. It's also pretty, which makes dealing with payroll slightly more beautiful. It holds a calculator, highlighter, pen, bank card reader, payroll diary, and I'm all ready to go.

3. Use the cloud. By using and storing your useful documents online, you can access them via any computer or smart phone whenever you have time to get work done. I adore gdrive to store documents (to access from laptop and phone), and I love canva to create documents (and save them all online, rather than on my laptop). 

4. I thought I was weird when I discovered this trick to productivity, but it turns out my best friend does it too! It's simple but brilliant: Leave the printer turned on. It just means I get things printed as soon as I notice I need to. I used to save them, to perhaps print all together later (but never did). It sounds silly, but literally this has proved to be a brilliant trick for me.