4 passport pictures on...

I received my 4th passport this week. I finally have a form of ID that doesn't make bouncers squint their eyes with confusion, and I finally have a biometric passport. Woohoo.

It also caused a pause of reflection. That first Ree, a teenager wearing a Levi jacket from camden market and Wella Colour Mousse (in chilli red) on her fringe, what would she have thought of the green haired Ree with half a shaved head?

Those passports remind me of the time I went to volunteer in Kenya alone, or that time I volunteered in India alone. Or those trips I took to work in America (3 times). Or going on my first "no parents" holiday with my friends when we were just 15/16 years old. 

That second passport, back when you were allowed to smile in passport photos, signified me changing my name by deed poll, and seeing my new name in an official document was a new chapter in my life. Names and what people call us matter, don't let anyone tell you they don't.

Passport 3 was my university days, and although I hated the actuality of university, I adored my life in Brighton, and had success in the career I was training for.

This new passport will also signify an important new chapter in life. Watch this space.