Board Game Cafe

board game cafe

I've always been a board game fan, perhaps from using them to share time with my weekend Dad as a child. He really valued board games as a way to spend time with someone, although I was only allowed "intellectual" style games, no Bucking Buckeroo for me! My childhood was full of chess, cards, Yahtzee, Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit.

Last night was date night, and we'd booked a table at a local board game cafe. You pay £5 to play as many games as you want, and it has a small menu of meals and a full bar to order from. I was excited about having some gaming giggles!

I have been celebrating that the side of my undercut that I'm growing out (I'm keeping one side) finally tucks behind my ear- woohoo. I wore my Collectif dress (use REE10 for discount), and my H&M earrings.

qwordie game

We started with a game that was new to both of us. Qwordie. I won this game. Just. We didn't really rate it though and were keen to try another! 

trivial pursuit party version

We moved onto Trivial Pursuit Party, which is a shorter version of the infamous quiz game. B won this one. One all.

super mario chess

How could we resist this amazingly cute Super Mario chess set? We played a game, I won. Two-one to me.

mousetrap boardgame

I remember a school friend having mousetrap, so it must be possible for children to play it alone, but blimey it was challenging to set up last night! We finally managed to get the elastic bands in place, when we realised we only had one ball, not the required three. Here is my disappointed face that after all of the construction we wouldn't be able to play.

hungry hippos

The final game was Hungry Hippos, which I lost, so overall we drew 2-2. Probably the safest outcome hey?

We had a great time, but sadly we were very disappointed in the customer service, so much so, we refused to pay the service charge which had been added to the bill. When we arrived there were no staff to be seen, and we had to wait to be seated for quite a few minutes. The server didn't actually take us to our table, just told us which one it was. Which meant no one actually explained how we use the games. When I've been to other novelty cafes, the server has always been very good at explaining the set up/rules. Once seated we waited about 25 minutes without being asked to place an order. Which felt really odd. In the end I had to call a server over, and ask them if we could order our drinks and food. 25 was a weird experience to be ignored/forgotten in a restaurant!

I hate to be a moaning minnie, but it had a noticable impact on our evening. However, overall we had a great time, spent over £60 and we would return to give it another shot. Perhaps they were just short staffed, and service is usually much better? But definitely board games for the win.