My feminist tattoo

tattoo deni balbino

I probably could have put a lot more thought into a prominant tattoo that proudly declares "feminist", but that just isn't who I am. I'd randomly suggested blossoms, and the word choice, and arrived this morning, keen to see what I was getting.

I was returning to a tattoo shop I've been tattooed at twice already. Black Garden Tattoo in London. My first visit there was for one of my hand tattoos in Jan 2014 (Pansy hand tattoo by Cassandra Frances) and I returned for a random tiger tattoo in Aug 2016 (Tiger tattoo by Alex Woodhead). This time I was booked in with Deni Balbino.

It can be annoying when clients don't really know what they want, but I do think it usually works in my favour. I let the tattooist basically do what the want once they get started. I usually let them choose the placement, colours and they often seem to get extra creative, as they know that I'm easy going. I think sometimes it has resulted me in getting a tattoo that they've gone above and beyond, because they get to be creative. 

feminist tattoo

I had an interesting conversation while I was waiting to be seen, and a guy said he didn't consider himself a feminist, as he wasn't actively/politically engaged with the cause. He said that he definitely agreed with the feminist movement, but wouldn't use the label himself, as he didn't do anything to contribute. I actually agree with him, for me there is capital F feminism, and little f feminism. I now feel that I'm a capital F feminist, and it made me more sure about the tattoo I was about to get.

feminism tattoo

Personally, a feminist is someone who fights their own small fights for the cause. It isn't just about saying "I make my own choices,". They don't need to be perfect, but they need to actively care and participate. After visiting the WOW festival yesterday too, it was all just great timing.