31 things all women have thought about during sex (BULLSH*T)

I read this article in The Metro "31 things all women have thought about during sex at one time or another..." and I can't help but get cross as my bullsh*t meter goes through the roof.

The first two in the list allude to the fact that we'd rather be watching a soap on tv.

Numbers three and four are less flippant:

3. F*** that hurts.

4. I accidentally left it a few seconds too long to say that it hurts and now I have to pretend it’s all fun and games. Oh.

Five and six return to the idea that women would rather be doing something else, rather than be having sex. In this case, eating.

I'm so bored of the crap that surrounds what we (both men and women) are told about women and sex. We are sold the message that sex is primarily for men. That women usually tolerate it to keep a man. That women lie back and think of England.

Numbers 3 and 4 have a more sinister edge. They reinfornce the idea that women are expected (?) to tolerate sexual acts that they do not enjoy. That they are happy (?) to put up and shut up to get it out of the way. That we don't have a voice during sex, and again, that sex is about pleasing the man.

I'd love a more positive conversation to be had regularly around sex in the media. That reflects the fact that great sex should be fun, safe and shared. If I was having sex and wondering what I was having for dinner and that I'd rather be watching telly, then I'd just stop having sex. 

It angers me that these jokey messages are what young people hear about sex. I can't be the only one bored of this?