30-something Beauty Inspiration

I'm in  my 30s, and have an 'alternative' look. These two facts have caused me much diliberation over the last year or so, with my being brunette for almost a year, and buying far more 'mainstream' clothes than ever before.

I completely stand behind the idea that we can dress how we want, wear whatever make up we want; no matter our age. However, how I was looking was no longer bringing me joy, so I wanted to change, so that I enjoyed it once more.

I spent some time last night looking on youtube for some inspiration of beauty vloggers who were my sort of age, and followed my sort of style. 

I rediscovered Kandee Johnson, and she was just what I needed!

She's also been having some hair changes recently, and like me, misses the length!

I tried a few tweaks with the application of my make up this morning, after watching her videos, and plan on watching some more, and giving a few new ideas a go.

Sometimes we just need some new inspiration to find the fun in our own style again!