30 days of Yoga - my first ever yoga session

Yoga was always something I veered away from, despite knowing that it would most probably be good for me. We do that don't we? Avoid the things we need the most.

Since moving house I've got the physical space to do some work on my body at home, and this morning I had a sudden urge to try some yoga. This may be linked to a slight injury in my quad muscle after a run last week, or maybe linked to my new chapter and creating new habits.

I didn't let not having a mat get in my way, I threw a towel down and gave it  go. I went with Adriene who offers a free 30 day yoga challenge, and I did Day 1.

bullet journal yoga

My body is tight and pretty inflexible. I've had back problems for 17 years, and need to use a special chair at work. Getting fit in the last two years has been amazing for my back, but I've always thought yoga would be great for it too. I liked Adriene's first video, as I didn't feel like I was failing when my body couldn't quite reach as far as hers. She built in some variations of some of the stretches, and encourages you to follow your own path. It also wasn't too slow or spiritual, which I'd been wary of, it definitely felt like a great balance between a fitness session and a mindfulness session.

If you've never tried yoga why not join me and give it a go?