3 ways to get out of your fitness routine rut

Have you lost your workout energy? Fallen into a routine rut? 

Here are 3 ideas to mix it up, work your body in a new and challenging way, and get motivated again!

1. Use youtube to find some new workouts/moves to try. I'm a massive Jillian Michaels fan, and I used some of her videos this morning to try some new things out. My body found these moves really challenging, as I haven't done them before, which made me feel like a newbie again! I'm hoping in a week or two, I'll really notice the difference!

2. Try listening to something new. I love my gym playlist but recently have found that listening to podcasts keeps me much more focused, and I don't get as bored/distracted. So I now listen to a variety of podcasts and I find my workouts last longer. I vary from Radio 4, Jillian Michaels and Business productivity.

3. Track something. I currently have a tally in my bullet journal for each workout (I colour in a smiley face), or use an app to track each workout. Even awarding yourself something like a manicure for 10 gym visits is more motivating than you may think! Don't track measurements or weight for this, it should be linked to your effort - just turning up and keeping going.