3 things you can do to have better looking hair

It used to surprise me (but 2 and a half years on, no longer does!) how often people come to the hairdressers and explain that they want great hair, or vintage hair, rockabilly hair etc, but they don't want to style it very often. They show photos of beautiful hair, ask for that cut, and say that they don't like to spend too much time on their hair. Sadly, this is near impossible. Having great hair takes effort, and if you want to love your hair, you will have to accept that you will need to invest some time into it.

1. One great tip is to wash your hair less. This means you feel that you get more 'return' from the time invested in styling it. I know a lot of people, used to washing daily, think that their hair will be a greaseball if left, but I don't believe this to be true for most people. When we wash our hair, we encourage our hair to replace the oils, and therefore it gets greasier. We need to break the cycle, wash less and the oil production will slow in turn.

2. Use a drying product. A lot of people like dry shampoo, I've recently really taken to root boost powder, which is like back combing in powder form. using products like this at the root absorbs a lot of grease, meaning you don't need to wash it as often!

3. Learn how to maintain a style while you sleep. This may mean wearing a head scarf or turban, sleeping in rollers, having a silk pillowcase etc whatever it takes to keep your hair slick/curly/wavey overnight. Even just not wearing a hairband which can create an odd kink. A lot of up-dos can survive sleep, for example I'll always sleep in a beehive, and usually get three days out of it