3 reasons making a gym date is a good idea


I'm a solo gym person. I like to just get on with stuff on my own. Yesterday I set up a mate date to go to the gym together for the first time. Now, today I was pretty hungover, and definitely not up for the gym, but I'd made a date, so I got my kit on, and off I trotted.

It made me realise the three good things about having a work out buddy.

1. You go to the gym even when little excuses start whispering in your mind.

2. I stayed longer, and did different exercises that my normal routine. Felt great to mix it up.

3.It was great to catch up in a healthy and productive way!


I'm wearing my Freya vest (built in sports bra) with some Nike gym pants, and some DC gym trainers. The pants were a charity shop purchase, the vest and trainers were gifted to me for review.