24 hours of travel....how did I cope?

reeree goes to balie

The day finally arrived, after clearing my debt and booking my first holiday in 3.5 years, it was time to get to Heathrow to head to Bali.

I'm excited for the obvious reasons, I haven't had a holiday for ages, and holidays are generally awesome, I've been working really hard to clear debt, and I'm knackered, and Bali is meant to be pretty amazing. It's certainly the furthest away I've been.

It's also mine and B's first holiday together, and the longest time we'll have spent together, so that's exciting too. 

We arrived at Heathrow in plenty of time, checked our bags in, and went to have lunch at the Heston Blumenthal cafe in terminal 2. I'd been hopeful for the flight, however when I sat down on the first leg (London - Singapore) I was a tad disappointed. The seats were small. B is 6ft4, and has to sit legs akimbo, which is pretty uncomfortable. However, despite being 5ft4ish I felt rather squeezed in too. I'm not ashamed to admit I may have shed a silent tear half way through, due to the pain in my back, and my inability to feel comfortable or relaxed in any position. 13 hours is just such a long time. I turned to B and said we'd look into upgrading a seat option on the way home, or I may not be coming home at all.

We finally made it to Singapore, feeling pretty gross. Luckily a swift transfer to the next plane, and after 2 and a bit hours, we touched down in Bali.

The airport was pretty intense, which was definitely hightened by my tiredness. We'd arranged a car, but there was a sea of men holding up names, that is seemed impossible to find mine. A tannoy shout out later, we'd finally heaved our luggage into a car.

It was 9pm when we arrived, so I couldn't really see much of Bali as we drove to our hotel, and we were pretty zonked, so we ordered room service and had a well-needed shower. I'm super excited to wake up bright and early and explore what Bali has to offer!

Oh and I've bought some preferred seats for the long leg home.