How to buy and wear wigs so they look natural

I've been wearing wigs 95% of the time for about 7 months now, and I thought I should do a little update on my wig wearing tips and tricks.

I've tried a lot of different companies, but I currently only buy from websites that are aimed largely at women who are black. I find the wig companies largely aimed at women who are white, are less suitable for daily wear, and less realistic looking. My current favourite is and I've bought quite a few wigs from them now. I've even bought the same wigs in different colours.

I've learned some tricks along the way, and I get asked a lot so here is my advice if you're looking to up your wig-wearing game.

1. Most wigs look better once they've been cut. Real hair isn't all one length, and wigs are often pretty long when they arrive. Fringes often need shortening, and some layers or feathering can add depth.

2. The fibre of the hair really makes a different (all of mine are plastic). Matte fibres are much more realistic, and although you can use baby powder or dry shampoo to dull down a cheaper shiny wig, they do always look a little more fake. The fibre also impacts how tangled and knotty they get, so once you find a fibre that works for you, stick with it!

3. I find most wigs look more natural when you style some of them away from your face. Don't be afraid to pin some of it back, or wearing accessories like bandanas or hairbands.

4. I've found the critical difference in a great wig is the parting. You'll find the cheaper party wigs all have the hair coming from a central point. Which isn't how hair works. If you want a more realistic wig, you'll want to make sure the hair has been creating with a part. It will make the hair sit in a more natural shape.