21...and the world is your oyster

Here I am, aged 21, at the start of my four years at university. My flared jeans were a new purchase from Egypt, and my rouched top was a favourite for enhancing my 'assets'. I hadn't really found a confidence with makeup, and I had just left a stable little life in London. I had broken up with a long term boyfriend, and was ready to start a new journey, away from everyone that I knew.

The girl I am with, was my best friend at university and we met on a bus. There was something about her, and so I was determined not to let her get off the bus without swapping details! It sounded a little odd, to ask for her number, but it had to be done!

Univeristy was a time of myspace, garage music and smirnoff ice. Sharing a bathroom with 6 people, and travelling to far flung places. Walking home with my shoes in my hands, and getting 2 for 1 pizzas at 4am. I worked hard, often having two jobs as well as placements, and never looked too far ahead.

Would I bet 21 again? Never! It was part of a great journey, and I met many fabulous people along the way, but you couldn't pay me to be that age now. 

What would I tell 21 year old ReeRee if I could?


  1. Don't sell yourself too short with boys. 
  2. You should have one less drink and afford a cab home.
  3. Learn to hold your tongue.
  4. When you finally dye your hair dark, you'll never look back.
  5. Fake tan is fun, but takes way too much time.