Meeting New People

I know it can feel hard to meet new people and make new friends. We tend to have friends from school, work or through family. Some people are lucky enough to have a hobby that may bring some new friends. But once you leave university it can be hard to meet new people and widen our social circles.

This is where the internet really comes into its own. I first started meeting people online over 10 years ago (!) and have met some great people from internet get togethers. I have arranged meets, attended meets and gone on dates, all though websites or forums. I have had the pleasure of meeting some fantastic people, who I would never have met any other way.

Many of my friends find this area of my life a little odd (meeting/chatting to strangers from the net) but I really feel it enriches my life. I now have fabulous new friends, whereas I know people who haven't made any new friends since they last changed jobs.

My whole life has taken a completely new direction over the last year or so, mainly down to the internet. It has got me new jobs, allowed me to meet new people, and shown me new social circles/events I never even knew existed.

If you are a little tired/bored/lonely, whether you have moved to a new town or just fancy meeting a new mix of people, put yourself out there! Be willing to talk to people you don't know. Most forums arrange regular get togethers, so find one that suits your interests and be brave! Don't just keep it online, meet people!

As ever, make sure you're safe, let people know where you're going, take your phone etc. If you don't make any new friends, you've only lost a few hours of an evening, but chances are you'll meet new people to do things with...can we ever have too many friends?