Viva Las Vegas - The Car Show

 The luscious Luna Rosa joined me for the car show. We started with a Fat Tuesday cocktail (a slush puppy style drink with lots of alcohol in!) and headed to the show at about 3pm.

Dita Von Teese was signing autographs there, but the line was long, so we decided not to bother. She looked fab though. This is a picture from a Dita facebook page:


I was plesantly surprised that I had people wanting to take my photo with Luna Rosa, as I had presumed I would just be taking photos of other people! We got stopped quite regularly to have people take pictures of us. Luna also had lots of people taking pictures of her awesome tattoos.


Here are some pictures of the car show that I took:

The lovely Sabina Kelley doing signings.



I really enjoyed the car show, and despite other regulars complaining that it is now too busy, I loved the crowds. People watching is fun an any normal event, let alone when the crowd is amazing dressed as at Viva. I got inspiration from hairstyles, clothing and tattoos! And of course the cars!


There are some more pictures in the Photos section of the website.