Viva Las Vegas - Getting there

I was quite proud of my packing  as I didn't fill my suitcase (plenty of space for purchases!).

Despite leaving more than enough time to get to the airport, I somehow only just made it. Was relieved to check in (after being randomly selected for a new full body scan).

I arrived in Las Vegas at about 10pm (6am London time) so pretty much headed straight to bed. My hotel (The Tropicana) is right on the main strip, opposite The MGM Grand and New York New York.


I had been a little concerned about the Tropicana, as it is currently going through a massive re-fit, and I had read some reviews about poor quality of rooms. However, I rather liked the kitschy decor and it felt right being in one of the original Vegas hotels.

My first breakfast on Wednesday morning was the buffet at The MGM Grand (you have to have buffet in Vegas!)


 I was amazed at at how many shop assistants complimented my hair and 'look'. The Americans seem much more willing to compliment strangers than us Brits. What girl doesn't love a compliment? I also had a few people ask me about the car show - based on my look alone. I found it interesting that the clothes I wear so easily identify me with an event.

I visited some amazing stores - some with $14,000 dresses in! I love experiencing a differnent lifestyle - gives me something to work towards!


I find the architechure in Vegas beautiful. I'm a true city girl and find more beauty in Vegas than in most natural wonders. The effort and extravagance just blows me away.