My Las Vegas tattoos - finally!

So, after spending three days with the gorgeous Luna Rosa in Vegas she left to go and work in LA. Leaving me with a day in Vegas on my own before my flight home. Never leave me with free time.......

I figured I had to get an impulsive Vegas tattoo, I amost felt it was expected of me! So I walked into Vince Neil Ink.

I had found a greetings card in The Bettie Page shop of cute vintage style cats, and myself and Luna thought a cat would make a great partner for my kitsch pink poodle tattoo on my forearm.

Even as I sat and waited for my tattoo time in the studio I knew it would turn out wrong. It was odd, I just sort of accepted that part of the process of a Vegas tattoo was getting a low quality one. It felt inevitable that I would be disappointed with it. Am I slightly crazy...perhaps.

I was right. The tattoo is a low quality tattoo, and yes it is right on my arm.

The tattoo artist was trying to mimic the style of my poodle tattoo, but has failed. Its the shading, the cat looks like she has sat in black soot.

I am planning on getting the cat touched up when I have money and think she may have to become a black cat with purple highlights, to blend the weird black shading in.

As I was walking through Vegas, with my bandaged arm, I came across The Bombshell Tattoo Parlour which is a new shop at the back of a Bettie Page store. It was a cute shop, and I fancied getting a tattoo that wasn't a silly idea!

So I got a small bird, from a Sailor Jerry flash. I changed the colours.

I never regret a tattoo, and I do have some silly ones (Mr Happy tattoo anyone?) but of course most tattooed people would do things differently if they could start over. However, it was Vegas baby!