Old fashioned retro sweets....yummy

Wow. Need to cheer someone up? Have to apologise for something? How about sending this box of sweet tasting nostalgia? It weighs 7.3 lb, which is more than I weighed as a baby! Imagine the feeling when receiving this as a delivery?! Better than flowers and will last much longer (well......maybe....)

A Quarter Of is a traditional, old fashioned sweetshop online, and it has all of your childhood favourites.

You can browse by flavour, texture, brand and inspiring gift ideas. You can even buy gift boxes of sweets based on your favourite decade (50s-80s).

This massive hamper even comes with a genuine old comic.....Gosh looking at it even gets my mouth watering.

So...what's your favourite childhood sweet? Does it reveal your age? I think I'm a penny sweet girl....shrimps, mushrooms and maybe a sweetie watch (the time seemed to always be 2:30).