I need these tights

I have been browsing the Wolford site and I have fallen in love with these tights.


Tights number 1) 

Fatal Lace 15

They are completely seam-free and I love how they make tights seem seducative rather than just practical. The waistband looks so comfortable as well, as if it will be super flattering (no muffin tops here).

Tights 2)

Hot Dots Tights

Oh my gosh. Simply divine. I adore how the seam goes along the side of the leg, rather than the back. I love the bow (a secret surprise for sometime to discover later!). Yes please.

Tights 3)

Lace-Up 10 Tights

These tights go right up under the bust, giving control in a more attractive manner than some control knickers. Going to the toilet may require a small bit of extra effort, but I imagine the smooth line under that perfect dress would make it worth it.

If I were super rich -

These are cashmere and silk tights and they cost £109. I bet they feel amazing on though.

And finally......crazy but true....the next trend? Fringed tights.

These have layers of fringing around the calf, and cost the bargain price of £199. Perhaps we will see some high street versions soon enough?