Living like a Rich Girl

I had a day off work today (start of my holiday, Vegas in a few days!!) so I went out in London town. Firstly I was surprised when I was reminded how busy London is during working hours. I forget that not everyone is stuck working 9-5. I had planned to get my Betty Page fringe trimmed by the wonderful Miss Betty and buy some walking shoes for Vegas.

Got my fringe trimmed (needs doing about every 3 weeks) and bumped into Nikki from Nikita Sablier, a gorgeous shop where I get a large majority of my clothing from. She is currently shopless but you can still get her stuff from her new website - Nikita Sablier

I was on my way to get lunch, when a Benefit girl stopped me and asked whether I would like to try some of their makeup. As it was a day off, I figured why not. I have used Benefit makeup in the past, but no longer use any of the products. What I found odd was when the lady explained that Benefit never remove any customer's makeup, they just put it over what I already have on. So I basically looked the same as when I came in.....

Got to Clarks, ended up buying some gold wedged sandals. Not flat like I had planned.....and gold isn't my usual choice. But they were just so comfy! Like walking on air...almost. If you can't wear gold shoes in Vegas...where can you?

I somehow ended up spending £120 on my nails. Oh yes, that isn't a typo. I got a 3 week manicure from Nails Inc, and they use a gel which apparently WILL NOT chip. I paid for three sessions in advance as it means I get the removals for free (which would be £20 a time to get the gels removed). I love how women can justify these things. I need nice nails for Vegas. Need....not want. Need.

I then somehow spent £106 on a watch. Now, I don't wear watches. I have tried but just never got into watch wearing. Yet I felt the need to buy a watch.