Kitty Bang Bang - a Burlesque Artiste

Working in the burlesque world has meant that I am now rather hard to please! I had the pleasure of working with Kitty Bang Bang recently and she stood out as someone who does the kind of burlesque I love.

What did I love about this performance? I enjoy the fact that you can tell she is a trained dancer, it demonstrates skills the average person doesn't share. The music choice is perfect, the costume looks expensive (and I love an expensive looking costume!), and the fire adds an extra element of skill to remind the audience that we couldn't get up and have a go ourselves.

P.s - Can I apologise for my poor blog layout I currently have? My old layout went walk-abouts and I haven't had time to properly sort it out as I am busy trying to learn joomla to get a website off the ground. I will sort it out as soon as I can.