Avatar and Dita

I had an unexpected couple hours free, and was near a cinema. Firstly....I hate going to the cinema. It must be years since I last went, and even then I didn't enjoy it. I seem to lack the attention span required to a watch a film in the dark, silently. One the rare occaison I watch a film at home, I will be doing other things - surfing the net, talking, housework etc. I just don't enjoy films.

However, Avatar seems to have rocked the world, and everyone on facebook seemed intent on telling me how amazing it was; how it was so much more than just a film. I had also yet to see a 3D film, which made me feel a little old and out of touch.


So, that it how I ended up watching Avatar...finally.

I did see it all, although I must admit to having fallen asleep for about 10 mins in the first section somewhere. It made me think of the Emperor's new clothes.

Yes, the technology was amazing. Incredible. Goes almost without saying, although it did give me a little bit of a headache. However the plot was nothing new. There was nothing that grabbed me, or even anything that surprised me. Have we simply been deceived by hype? Or is it my general inability to enjoy any film that caused me to feel so blah about it all?

I didn't need to give up three hours of my life to appreciate the technology. The story simply didn't need that length of time - we all knew what the ending would be.

How does Avatar link to Dita Von Teese?

I managed to get a front row seat for her visit to the Crazy Horse show in Vegas, and am very excited at the opportunity to see the 'Queen of Burlesque'. Will she live up to her hype? I have met people on both sides of the fence, and at least I'll soon be able to make up my own mind.