Tattoos at work

Now that I have arm tattoos I have to address the issue of what to do at work. I work in a school, and although I believe no one would tell me to cover up, I don't want to have my tattoos on show.

I am now the proud owner of an Ink Armour sleeve.


I have worn it for a while at work now. It has never fallen down, it grips with a strip of clear plastic, similarly to a hold-up stocking. It makes me look like I have a false arm, as it obviously creases when your arm creases. However, I prefer a fake arm/bandage look to having my tattoos on show.
It does leave marks on your skin when you take it off, but I guess without that strong grip it would just fall down! I wear a bracelet at the cuff to disguise the join where your wrist is.

I recently spoke to someone else in my school who has full tattoo sleeves. She is happy wearing long sleeve tops under everything, and doesn't feel a need to try and create fake skin in this way. However, for me, I like the way it gives me a few more wardrobe options, and from a distance it looks pretty natural.

No one has asked about it at school. I guess because it looks a little medical and people don't want to embarrass you.