Choosing how we spend our money - tattoos

Having finally had my consultation with Valerie Vargas today. I have now booked myself in  a total of 10 hours, which will cost about £800. It got me thinking.......

I have other things I wouldn't find that amount of money for; I have turned down events this year already that I 'can't afford'. So it comes down to how we choose to spend our money, how we prioritise what we spend on.

This leads me to why we get tattooed. In my experience, people tend to get a small tattoo first, often a memorial tattoo - one with a very strong meaning and reason. However, what then causes some of us to decorate large portions of our skin with artwork?

I certainly started with a small tattoo in memory of my Dad. I then got three slightly larger ones (but still just black ink) with concrete meanings. I then got my first one added to, adding colour and making it larger. I can't remember what caused me to go for my first 'piece'.

From this point on my tattoos don't have just direct meanings. They are just pieces of art I want on my body. I now have a large one on my back, my thigh, my shoulder/chest, my top arm, my forearm and my wrist.

Why do I get tattooed now, if not for precise meanings? They are, to me, beautiful. They make my body beautiful. They make me feel like my body is something to celebrate, rather than pick flaws with and moan about.

I find my tattoos empowering, and I don't mind if other people don't like them. I see plenty of tattoos I don't particularly like, but they are for ourselves, not others.

I have had debates with people about whether tattoos are a form of self harm. I can see the argument, but haven't met anyone yet where this rings true.

So Valerie..........I can't wait till summer to see what she designs for me, I have tried not to be too prescriptive, so just to wet my appetite till are some photos of her tattoos. Amazing.