Poodles - a tattoo idea on my list

I am quite impulsive with my tattoos, and tend to just know when I have the right idea, and get it done asap.  I have two current ideas waiting (one is waiting for Valerie's list to get around to me) and one is just waiting on me finding the right source material.

However, I now have my next little idea, which could be soonish as it would be quite simple to get done - a pink poodle!

I have been searching for source material to take with me, and this is what I have found so far.

These glasses are from an Etsy seller



These are both from a card company


This is from a design by Regella


I quite like the shape of this motel sign from Flikr here:

But then I also like the shape of this rounder poodle, taken from a shop/blog Bow and Crossbones

I am still searching for the exact style of poodle I want to go for. I just want it to be fun, kitsch and cute!

On my search I also found this fabulous old photo:

From this cute blog


There aren't many poodle tattoos out on their on web, but I found this one (on Flikr