Vintage/Retro Kitchens - A Girl Can Dream!

I house share at the moment, but hopefully one day I will have my own house to decorate and make beautiful. Today I am dreaming about kitchens.

I didn't use to be a 'pink' girl but there seems to be something to whimsical about having a bright pink kitchen. I love this one from a company in Bath called Source Antiques -

I would never have thought of having a red surface top but it almost works. 

Retro kitchen with Geneva metal kitchen cabinets

I am torn however between pink and a dark duck-egg blue, as demonstrated here by Blogger

Pam Kueber


I mean, who could resist a cooker like this one from

Elmira Stove Works -

Or how about a matching retro fridge and dishwasher from

The Big Chill


If you have a gorgeous girl to entertain, you could even buy this play set to match!

Can I apologise for the terrible mish-mash layout of this post. I have no idea why Blogger seems to be having such issues with these images, but I have struggled with it enough and I officially give up!!