1962 Holiday Album - Obviously out to diddle the tourist

I can't recall when or why I bought this album, but it must have been as a teenager. I just re-discovered it in my attic. It is slightly later than things I would usually blog about, but it had a nice little extra I only discovered today.

The album belonged to Nancy, who must have been born around 1925. Here is a picture of her, aged 19, in 1944.

The album itself is from 1962, when Nancy went travelling with someone called Phyllis. Nancy must have been about 37. The little extra I found today (I don't remember every seeing it before) was a little scrap of diary, which Nancy used to keep a record of the holiday.

Nancy has made the album a sort of scrap book, as she has used a mixture of her photos and postcards and pictures she has bought along the way. She documents all aspects, from the airport to the different destinations.

Nancy and Phyllis in Tossa.













These are the fishermen from Tossa they were admiring!















 Most of the photos are of landscapes or places, but I pulled out some of the more interesting ones (generally with people in them!).


A 26 seater helicopter. Nancy noted that it went at 180 m.p.h, and that her journey was 15 minutes long. The helicopter was in its first year of service.










The diary starts on Saturday 21st July 1962, with their journey to Tossa,

''Car called 1:30pm and we arrived at Victoria 2:00pm. Left Skyways air terminal 3pm after usual formalities. Arrived Gatwick 4:10 and were aboard 'craft 5pm, but due to heavy traffic could not take off until 5:25pm. Told by captain as soon as we had taken off that storms were expected over France, but fortunately we avoided them. Speed 350 M.P.H, height 1700! Started to descend 60 miles from Per????, France where we landed 1/2 late.

Visability was very good and could see both sides of Channel at same time. Landed 7:50pm and waited 1/2 hour for coach which during drive through France had to be repaired (!) before we crossed frontier. Arrived Tossa about 12:30am.''

I think this means they flew from Victoria to Gatwick...but that doesn't seem right?! Does anyone know anything about Skyways?

Sunday 22nd 

''Morning - Too hot for beach so strolled to Mon Merunda to admire view and the benefit of the breeze on high ground.

Afternoon - Siesta 3pm - 8:15pm!

Evening - Got acquainted with town.''

She sounds like my kind of girl. Staying in the shade, and a long afternoon snooze!

Monday 23rd

''All day trip along Costa ????? as far as La Escala where we had lunch and ?????? to seek Greek and Roman ruins. About 5:30 we arrived at Palamos to see fishing fleet arrived and visited auction market. All very interesting but scenery better Tossa/San Felica area.''

Tuesday 24th

''Morning - In shade of boats on beach.

Afternoon - Too hot for beach so went to the hills in old part of town and rested in woodland.

Evening - Hotel, write cards in lounge.''

Wednesday 25th

''Morning - As yesterday

Afternoon - Festival day in San Feliu so took a trip and watched many groups from the batalonian coast/area dancing the Sandana. Held in arena of bull ring. Barcelona team took 2nd prizes. This is the only time France allows Catalonian to be spoken. This area was anti France during the war.''

Thursday 26th

''Morning - Window shopping in town and then to shade of boats on beach,

Afternoon - As Tuesday afternoon

Evening - Hotel bar and lounge.''

Friday 27th

''Morning - Beach but too hot for sunbathing. It has been 95 degrees farenheit at breakfast. All complain of heat.

Afternoon - Spanish tummy so have to cancel nightclub. Soon recover.''

Saturday 28th

''Morning - Take coach trip to Gerona and visit market. Arabian baths, cathedral and church of San Felix. No guide so find our own way.

Afternoon - Late afternoon lounge on beach

Evening - ???? ''

I cannot decipher the single word of that evening. Apologies!

''End of first week and although Costa Brava has beautiful scenery and Tossa an artists dream, have no desire to return as it is too crowded and object to take it or leave it attitude.''

Sunday 29th 

''Morning - Cooler so go on beach, but still remain in shade.

Afternoon - Siesta, but not so long as last week!

Evening - Stroll in town.''

Monday 30th

''Beach during day and town in the evening.''

Tuesday 31st

''Boat trip to ???? from 10:15 - 10:50 after a packed lunch we go by car to Blanes and got lost as driver doesn't tell us when we arrive. Stop driver and French lady comes to rescue, speaks fluent Spanish, German, English and Native tongue. Tells driver off and arranges we go by taxi with German party, who are on bus to botanical gardens. These gardens are perched on the top of hills forming coast.''

Wednesday 1st

''Day trip to Barcelona which was disappointing as we had a whirlwind drive round town and didn't stop except at Spanish town. Shopping late afternoon and coach back at 6:30pm. Camera jammed.''

The next two days are similar to the rest of her holiday. I do like on Friday 3rd that she has an overdue hair-do and dried herself on the roof! She also goes clubbing to a nightclub and comes back covered in confetti and streamers.

They travel home on Satruday 4th August.

''Wait from 4-8pm for coach! Due to delay at frontier. Starving hungry and we don't eat until 12 midnight on the 'plane! Arrive at Gatwick 2:45am,depart 3:40am. Arrive Victoria 4:40. Get minicab arrive home at 5:15am. 3 hours late.''

Nancy didn't love Spain:

''We do not particularly wish to see Spain again and preferred Mallorca 6 years ago. They are obviously out to diddle the tourist, but don't mind if there is a service rendered, but they couldn't care less. On top, the night before departure we were charged 78 pesetas for the 'priviledge' of staying. ???? ???? idea, which didn't go down at all well. Most people we spoke to didn't wish to return and also complained of poor furnishings of bedrooms and bad service. Worst hotel so far on both counts and complained to courier.''


Edited to add - The photos aren't just from Spain, the album also contains photos from Newquay 1963, Falmouth in 1964, and the Isles of Scilly. I only have a diary for the Spain trip, but chose the best photos from the whole album. Thank you to Jeni for pointing out the discrepency!