1960s Beehive Hair Tutorial

I recently blogged a quick victory roll tutorial, and today I thought I'd show you how to create a quick 1960s beehive at home.

1. My hair is dirty, and unstyled. Clean hair is tricky to style in most vintage hairstyles, so you may want to use some dry shampoo to dirty it up.

2. Roughly section the front of your hair.

3. Clip or use a hair band to keep this section out of the way. I've used a band.

4. Back comb the rest of your hair, leaving the front bit that you've tied out of the way. Don't be shy!

5. Take about half of the back combed section and twist it. This is going to create the majority of the height and shape of your beehive style. 

6. I've used 2 kirby grips to secure this twist in place. It will be hidden away so it doesn't need to be that neat.

7. Take the loose bottom section of hair, and twist up into the first twist. This is hard to explain, and actually makes sense when you're doing it. Promise!

8. Now we're dealing with the front section that we'd kept out of the way. This will be the smooth covering to your beehive. I like to softly smooth it a bit before placing it over the backcombed section.

9. You can play around with placement a little bit here, making the beehive shape bigger or smaller.

10. When I'm placing the section to the back, I create a little swirl. This looks more fiddly that it seems. It creates a nice little shape at the back of the beehive.

11. I've added a headband, which makes it look much more 1960s cutiepie, and also makes the beehive shape a bit more obvious. I've used a little school headband from HeyHoLetsSew which I have folded in half.

Do let me know if you give it a go!