11 ways to boost your confidence

People often comment that I'm a confident person, and although I can of course suffer from self-doubt as much as anyone, I guess I am. I do believe in myself, and I do think good things about myself. If I don't, who on earth else will?!

So here are 11 things I do to make myself feel more confident

1. Wear clothes that make me feel good EVERY DAY. There is no need to have crap clothes. Why waste a day in clothes that make you feel blah? Clothes that make you feel good don't take any longer to put on in the morning, and don't have to be more expensive either.

2. I wear makeup every day because it makes me feel good. I don't hate my face, but I love putting my make up on each day. It makes me feel better and I don't have any shame in it. It changes how I feel, in a really positive way. 

3. I'm pretty strict with my inner voice. I don't allow myself to bully or put myself down. I'm surprised when I hear that so many people do. Treat yourself like you would a friend. Ease up on yourself.

4. See the good in people. If someone is mean, or dismissive towards you, don't allow it to become about yourself. The world doesn't revolve around us. We don't know what has happened to that person that day. They may have a raging headache, have a poorly grandmother or just had a bad night. It isn't always about you.

5. Test your boundaries and do something that makes you nervous. It's very rare that the actual event lives up to your fears, and every time you do something like this, you get a notch on your confidence bedpost. If I feel anxious about going to a new place, I remind myself of that time I visited India on my own, or that time that I backpacked in the states alone. Or that time I went to a bloggers' event on my own. Whatever it is, it proves that it's always ok.

6. Accept compliments (and give more). I was talking to a friend this week who said that they never got any compliments, and when I reminded them that I complimented them a lot, they said yes, but they never remembered them. If someone compliments you, be strict with your inner voice. Accept it with grace. Compliments are like little presents with fancy bows. It's rude to reject them. Smile, and say thank you.

7. Fake it more. No one knows if you're faking or not. Whack on a smile, and act as if you were a confident person. It rubs off. There's a part of your brain that can't tell if you're faking. Like if you smile, your brain thinks you must be happy. Even if it starts as a fake one.

8. Surround yourself with things that lift you up. This includes your home and work environment. If your home/room is a messy pit it can drag your spirit down. Treat yourself to keeping it clean(ish) and full of things that you love.

9. Choose your friends wisely. Your loved ones should make you feel like the best version of yourself. If they don't.......spend a lot less time with them. Life is too short to get dragged down. 

10. Fill your mind with possibilities. I read a lot of motivational books, and gain so much from them. They keep my mind in a positive and open state of mind.

11. Spend time and effort on your body. Move more. Find a sport or exercise that you enjoy. My body confidence has soared since getting fitter and stronger. It's very empowering to improve the health of your body. Good for the soul too.