Are expensive tights worth it? Reviewing a selection from UK Tights

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I've always loved tights. My friends used to mock me for wearing tights under my jeans at school, and I've always worn dresses and skirts nore in winter time than summer time. So when UK Tights offered to send me some tights to test out, it was the perfect collaboration opportunity! I decided to test out whether cheaper tights perform the same as expensive tights. Tights can range from a couple of quid to over one hundred what exactly are we paying more for?

Tights no.1 - Pretty Polly 80 Denier New 3D Opaque Tights (£5.99)

93% Nylon   6% Elastane    1% Cotton

Size - Medium/Large (Height 5’4”-5’10”) (Hips 40-48”)

Felt lovely when I first put on, but seemed too too long for me, perhaps I needed a size small. Suffered from baggy crotch syndrome. Too large? Or too cheap? Unsure.

grey wool tights.jpg

Tights no 2 - Jonathan Aster - Linear Tights (£11.99)

38% Cotton   38% Acrylic   20% Polyamide   2% Elastane

Size - Medium (Height 5'0"-5'9") (Hips 38" - 44")

Oooh I liked these. A lovely soft grey knit. I wore denim shorts, so maybe not a fair test, but didn’t sag or drop. Can’t wait to wear again.

Tights no 3 - Oroblu Different 80 (£17.99)

92% Polyamide  8% Elastane

Size - Medium (Height 5'1" - 5'7") (Hips unknown)

A traditional opaque black tight. Rather frustratingly my nail went straight through them when I tried them on the first time. Grrr. Completely my fault and my soul is sad. I really liked the extra large waistband, but they didn’t stay up. They didn’t hold up over, and rolled down to my belly button. Am I getting tights that are too big for me?

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Tights no 4. - Orublu Cheryl Fine Cashmere Plain Tights (£22.99)

65% Modal   22% Polyamide   8% Cashmere   5% Elastane

Size - Medium (5'1" - 5'7") (Hips unknown)

I got these in a soft grey, and despite being the same size and brand has yesterday’s pair, these don’t fall or slip down. The change in material perhaps? Really comfy to wear. I can see my tattoos through them so not quite as thick as I’d maybe imagined. They bobbled a bit, either from wear, or from washing (incorrectly no doubt).

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Tights no. 5 Wolford Merino Tights (£38.99)

49% nylon   49% virgin wool   2% elastane

Size - Medium (4'11"- 6'3") (size 14 to 16)

These come all neatly wrapped in their very own box! They're wool tights rather than a lycra opaque, and I'd struggle to see how they'd fit someone 6ft!! They fit me, but they don't have much stretch. They were nice and warm, and didn't sag or drop around the crotch.

Are expensive tights worth it? I think they're a bit like most things, if you can afford to spend a bit more, you get better materials/product quality, but there often isn't a need to go right to the top end. Tights that don't fit are really annoying, pulling them up all day, or feeling like you have a droopy nappy on is pretty distracting. Perhaps the trick is to try a few, find ones that fit you, and stock up! I'm off to order some more of the Jonathan Astor grey knit ones as I really loved wearing those, and at £12, a reasonable mid-price option!