10 Types of Friendship

1. The true friend. You may disagree, but I think I'd define a true friend as someone who makes you feel like a better version of yourself when you are with them. They make you feel that it is ok just to be you, that what you are is really good enough. 

2. The right-time right-place friend. For a period of time you behave like best friends, and you certainly imagine that you will always be just as close. But times and places change and you grow apart. These friends are often related to collge, university, or work environments. You may grow apart, but it doesn't lessen the awesome relationship that you once shared.

3. The old friend. Some of our friends, as much as we love them, may well not have become your friend if you met them today. But they have known us a long time, and that can never be replaced. History can sometimes bond you in a way that is quite unique from other friendships.

4. The group friend. If you have a group of friends, some of the members perhaps wouldn't be your friend outside of the group, but as a bunch, it all balances out pretty well.

5. The hobby friend. Sometimes a shared interest is enough to form a friendship. Hobbies and interests are great ways of making friends who would be outside of your normal friendship circles.

6. The family friend. We don't always get to pick our friends, but the shared knowledge of our families can be quite a bonding experience!

7. The work friend. It is possible that you spend the most time with your work friends, and they end up knowing more about your day-to-day life than anyone else!

8. The online friend. The people that we talk to online can become woven into your life in a way that is hard to describe to 'non online' folks. 

9. The long distance friend. You may only see them once a year, but once you get together its like you saw them yesterday.

10. The bad friend. The only friend that has no purpose in your life. A friend shouldn't make you feel small, not good enough, ugly, fat, stupid or guilty. Dump them - life really is too short.

I really believe we need to develop more 'friend' vocabularly. For instance, if I meet someone at a tweetup, and we know quite a bit about each other's lives, we are not yet friends, but we are certainly not strangers, and not aquaintances either. I am excited to watch our language adapt and grow to make sense of these new relationships we have with each other.

Did I miss any friendships out?