10 Reasons You Need to Love Mae West (if you don't already)


10 Reasons You Need to Love Mae West (if you don't already)

1. Mae West (Mary Jane West) was born on August 17 1893.  Take a second to appreciate that she was born in the Victorian era in the 19th century.

2. She wrote and starred in a play called Sex. Yes, Mae West called a play Sex in 1926 (and went to jail for it!).

3. In 1928 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle said that Mae West was ''the only woman today in America who writes her own plays, casts, stages and directs them and also plays the star roles.'' Amazing.

4. In 1935 Mae West revealed that she had mirrors surrounding and above her bed.

5. A director, anxious that Mae should wear a girdle to hide her 'potbelly', had his hand placed on her belly and reassured (while Mae wiggled her 'potbelly') that he shouldn't worry about her...''It took me a long time to develop that. You just worry about yourself.''

6. When Mae West was 54 years old (in 1947) she vowed to never play any woman over the age of 26. Even back then male actors were allowed to age while older women had to become grandmothers.

7. She, almost obsessively, collected jokes.

8. Mae West said that the most important  rule in her life was  that she never allowed a negative thought to enter her mind.

9. She died in 1980 aged 87 - remember she was born in 1893!

10. On an undated list of Things I'll Never Do, Mae included ''Cook, Bake, Sew, Wash Dishes, Peel Potatoes, Eat Onions, or Bite my Nails.''

If you are keen to learn more about the simply fabulous Miss Mae West, you could read It Ain't No Sin by Simon Louvish like I did!