10 minute core workout - no equipment needed (and a review of BoomCycle)

This morning was a 10 minute core workout, and my thighs felt the burn as I did spin last night. Ouchy!

I had been given 3 trial sessions to Boom Cycle, and I reviewed my first session trying spin and after my 3rd last night I thought I'd reflect on sticking with something passed your first try!

The first session first awkward and hard. I had to really concentrate on instructions, and didn't know what to expect next. My bum felt really bruised and sore from the bike seat, and I found it hard to imagine how people enjoyed these types of workouts.

After session 3, I didn't have to watch the instructor (I understood the commands) and the seat didn't hurt. I could relax into it, as I knew what to roughly expect each time.

It just reminded me that we can't judge experiences always on our first attempt, and I can see why BoomCycle gave 3 sessions to try, rather than just one.

Personally, spin isn't my workout of choice, but I enjoyed it, and it was ace to try something new. I'm itching to get back to strength training, and yesterday looked around some new gyms.