10 Minute Core Workout - No equipment needed

I've been posting my short morning work outs, so I hope you're finding them inspiring! Who can't wake up and do 10-15 mins of strength training?

Last night I ran a GoodGym run, which is a running group I belong to that combines a social running group with community volunteering. Last night we ran about 7km (I think?) and did some gardening at a youth project in Mile End. Gardening may not seem like a crucial piece of volunteering, but making our spaces and communities more beautiful encourages everyone to take pride in their surroundings. It also keeps us fit! Win win!

The hill sprints we did at the end almost killed me, and reminded me that I'm one of the weakest runners at our group. I'm a much better distance runner I think! But we shouldn't feel bad or embarrassed when running when comparing ourselves to others. We all have our own unique bodies, and unique fitness journeys. The fact that you turn up, and push yourself is more than enough. If you run, you're a runner.