10 ideas for gender neutral toys: I vow to not buy pink presents!

I have previously blogged about gender stereotyping in toys, including the new pink lego for girls and the awesome Riley speaking out on sexism in toys from a young girl's point of view, and so I thought I would give some ideas for more gender neutral gifts for children.

I hereby vow to not buy pink toys for girls (and blue for boys) and to give the children I love a wider experience of the world. This is not to say they cannot play with toys of these colours, but I have no doubt they already have plenty, and I would like to encourage them to open their eyes to other options.

As an aside, did you catch this article on the Huffington post? A brother supports his younger brother in his choices that challenge gender stereotypes, I have to admit the line, 'Don't worry Dude' may have made my heart swell more than just a little.

My top ten ideas for gender neutral gifts for children:


Lego. Not pink lego. Regular, awesome, great for all, lego. 


Playdoh is a great rainy day option. Again, no need for blue or pink, just a fun rainbow of colours for all.


T-shirt pens bring out the naughty side of craft. It somehow feels like you're breaking all of the rules when you can draw all over a t-shirt. 


Board games are great as they mean you have to socialise with others! Sometimes our kids need reminding of that!


Science toys/activites are great for all children, and I used to love my chemical kit as a kid! I was convinced I could blow my face off if I wasn't really careful!

I also loved my magic kit! Again, completely gender-less. Just awesome.

A doctor's kit! I would have loved one of these!

Not only are they great for developing concentration and paitence, they are gender-free! Puzzles!

This super cute owl is a puppet! Love a puppet.

Last but not least - musical instruments!

I love that all of these gifts encourage imagination, and develop a range of cognitive skills and attributes. What do you buy the children in your life when its gift time?