Seeking Joy on Sundays

columbia road christmas market

On Sunday I was invited by my pal Ella to join her for some Columbia Road Flower Market browsing. I live only a few minutes away from it, so I jumped at the chance to squeeze some more joy into my day (I had plans for the afternoon already to see B, my boyfriend). We find happiness in activity and excitement, rather than by just trying to not be sad.

columbia flower market bloody mary

We needed a sit down, so while Ella was sensible and ordered breakfast, I embraced seeking Sunday joy and had a bloody mary.

I wanted to buy B some flowers, but after reflecting that I doubted he owns a vase, I plumped for a mini christmas tree. Turns out it was his first one, so I embraced my role to pimp the mini tree as best as a mini tree can be pimped.

christmas tree columbia road

We cooked a roast dinner, some low carb brownies, and watched Antiques Roadshow. It's the law on Sundays right?

sunday reeree rockette

I don't have a bath at my flat, so my new routine on a Sunday night is a glass of wine, a bath and a book. A little slice of me time before we get ready to seize Monday and make it fabulous.

I've made a vow with myself to make lots of plans to socialise this month, I've been in a little slump, and need to shake the dust off.