I'm not pretty and that's ok

I've always known I'm not pretty. I've struggled with it and fought against it, but actually I'm rather accepting of it now. Is that what it means to be in your 30s?

We are not all pretty and that is ok. We do not need to be pretty to have fun, to find love, to be healthy, to laugh and live whatever life we choose. Great sex is not reserved for pretty people, nor is making out with hot people. 

Look around a public place, honestly most people are many fabulous things, but not always pretty. We may be bold, bright, sexy, confident, classy, chic, alternative etc. We may be attractive in so many ways that aren't neccesarily pretty, but still pretty awesome.

This isn't to say I don't feel pretty a lot of the time. I adore painting my face with make-up, I don't view it as masking myself, just enhancing and getting creative with my own image. I feel pretty with nice hair and a great outfit too. Sometimes, I catch myself feeling pretty with no make up on too, perhaps laying in bed, pretty radiating in my happiness. I feel pretty when I smile too.

But I'm not pretty, and that's ok. I'm not many things. I'm not tall, young, athletic or blessed with prominent cheekbones. I'm scared of heights, not great at meeting new people, and seem incapable of being clean and tidy. I'm not artistic, I can't make things. I lack patience. 

I am, however, many brilliant things. I'm not pretty but I embrace my own sense of self and style. I'm creative with the image I create. I'm good at learning as well as teaching, and great at finding the hidden joys. I bounce back, and see the bright side in the darkness. I believe in myself and my ability to choose my own path. I have a good 'eye' and am insatiably curious about the world. I'm dependable and very rarely late. 

What I've learnt is that we have to let go of what we will never be. To work on what really matters, and what we have control over. We can work on being kinder,more understanding, more confident. We can become more stylish if we want to. If we are good and decent people, we all deserve love, and are capable of it. We don't need to be pretty to have someone want to tear our clothes off and ravish us. We are enough. Just as we are.


Lammily - a feminist barbie with stretch marks?

Lammily is a new 'real barbie' based on the average mesaurements of a 19 year old. You can even buy a patch kit, with stretch marks, spots, scars and tattoos!

She's bendy so she can be active, and wears minimal make up as standard.

The crowdfunding happened earlier in the year, and over 19,000 dolls were preordered. They are due to be shipped in the next fortnight. 

I was having a browse the website tonight, but then it crashed due to an 'overwhelming response' so do try and check it out another time!

I'm not anti-Barbie, but I believe we need the power of diversity. I hear a lot of voices that say that dolls don't matter; that Barbie's waist measurements have no bearing on how children grow into adults. However we are all moulded by each and everything thing that we see, over and over as we grow. Children are sold many stories about their worlds; that girls like certain toys and colours, that fathers behave in certain ways etc. Barbie plays a pretty unrivialed position within this childhood narrative.

I adore the idea of Lammily dolls, and I hope they're a huge hit. I'd love to see other ones made too, different nationalities for example. Children crave to see themselves and their own world within their play. Perhaps Lammily can help make their experience of dolls a little more rounded and enriched.


Rockalily Style - Decluttering and Selling Cheap


If you follow me over on instagram you may have seen me decluttering. Its been a slow process, reading books, blogs and dealing with my own emotional connections to objects and stuff.

I've blogged a bit about it before:

Decluttering my vintage wardrobe

Just let it go....I should just let it go.

Last night I had my biggest break through ever. I bagged up more clothes and shoes than ever before. They are items that I felt unable to just give to a charity shop, but that I can't be bothered trying to ebay. I've decided to sell them off cheap, at the salon next weekend. Prices are mainly £1-£4 each, with dresses, hats, books, bags and tops. I just want them all gone, but gone to good homes!

I bought myself this checked shirt yesterday, in exchange for giving up two I don't really like 'enough'. A red one, as I don't like red with my blue hair, and a blue one which is too long. Fair exchange!


Tattoo Christmas Decorations from Etsy

These are hipster-tastic; tattooed pugs, chihuahuas and cats to hang on your tree (or just round about the house if you prefer!). They are £13 for a pair.

This is the front and back of another tattooed cat christmas decoration, and it costs £8

These tattoo hearts are £12 for a pack of 3

I nearly started writing that these punk stockings would be great if you had kids, but then I remembered that I still have a stocking. So these punk christmas stockings are great for anyone! They cost £17.99 

I love this, Diablo Jo has found somesuper sweet Christmas ideas! These sugar skull reindeers are £8.50 


Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl reviewed on short hair

I've curled my hair with foam rollers, heated rollers, straighteners and tongs, on my then very short Marilyn Monroe type hair, my super long 'weave' hair and every length in between!

At my salon Rockalily Cuts, we tend to use straighteners and tongs the most, when creating curls and waves, but every staff member has a slightly different preference.

I'd seen the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl around, and watched many youtube videos, and was keen to give it a go! Salons Direct offered to send me one to have a go, and I used it as the perfect nudge to make my first proper youtube review! Eeek!

Please note, there are two versions of this machine, the Pro Perfect Curl and the Curl Secret. The Curl Secret is aimed at the at-home user (and has slightly less settings and a lower price) and the Pro Perfect Curl is aimed at professionals (and is more expensive).

My video answers the following questions:

1. What happens if the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl gets caught in my hair?

2. How well does the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl work on short hair?

3. Does it matter which directional setting I have the Pro Perfect Curl on?

4. Can I create a vintage curl with the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl machine?


Should I get a fringe cut in?

Fringes seem to feature in so many ladies' hair dilemmas; to fringe or not to fringe. Cutting one in that you hate, takes ages to grow, but cut one in you like and it feels like it grows as if you'd fed it fertiliser.

Fringes and bangs come in so many shapes and sizes, and personally I think I've had all of them! I love my fringe as it is easier/safer/cheaper than botox and keeps my deepset forehead wrinkles hidden away safely.

Looking for some fringe inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Board:

Follow Rockalily's board Haircuts With Bangs on Pinterest.


Gift ideas on Etsy for Hairdressers and Barbers

A snazzy hairdressers' apron is actually quite challenging to find, and having to wear a boring one every day can get pretty lame. How about buying a new apron as a quirky gift for a hairdresser or barber?

If your gift is for a colourist, how about a cute colour brush necklace?

Or a slightly ruder necklace from Dolly Cool?

If you know a lady barber, how about a cut throat necklace?

Everyone loves a tote bag right? This would be great for a hairstylist.

If you're looking for a gift for a gentleman barber, how about a tie?

If you know a new hairstylist, this is a sweet gift idea; a business card holder.

Parlor Tattoo Prints has been an artist on my radar for ages now! She does brilliant barbering art.

This is cute and practical - it keeps hairs out of your drink!

A fun decal is a perfect secret santa gift for a hairdresser - small and cheap (but unusual).