Rockalily Style - Do It Yourself (Painting Walls)

This was my painting outfit from last week, I wanted to give the salon a little spruce up. The shop gets  a lot of bashing, so it needs regular love and attention!

I painted three walls pale blue, over the old grey, to brighten and refresh the space. The paint takes 3 coats to cover the dark grey, but it dries quick, and did it all in one day really. Definitely makes it easier to break DIY into smaller chunks! 

"One night stands are disgusting. For girls I mean, not guys" #everydaysexism

I like to have chatty noise in the background when I get ready in the morning, so I tend to turn on some trashy reality tv. I currently rely on Big Brother and Love Island to create noise while I apply my face and get dressed.

I was given a harsh reminder of how rife casual sexism and ignorance still is, when I heard one of the female contestants say:

"I've never had a one night stand. I think it's disgusting, for a girl I mean, not for a guy".

Firstly, the most painfully obvious sexism dripping from her belief is that gender dictates our behaviours and choices. That there are some things that are ok for men, and not for women. So painful to hear a grown person say these things.

Secondly, the use of the word "disgusting" is such a sad one to use when describing the actions of consenting adults (usually both/all having a lovely time). 

This leads to my third and final sadness with her statement. That we still live in a world, where young adults judge others on what they do in their own bedrooms. 

Consenting sex is not disgusting folks. Having sex with someone you met that evening does not mean you are any less of a person, not does it have any reflection on your level of morality. Most of us have sex drives, and sex between happy and healthy adults is their own business. 


Thinking of opening a shop?

I've had my first retail space for over 3 years now, and my second for over a year. I thought I'd take the time to share some of the things you'll need to think about (and cost for) if you're looking to rent your first shop!

what does it cost to open a shop

Setting Up Costs:

Deposit (often 3 months rent)

Rent in Advance (Often 3 months rent again)

Plumbers, Builders, Electricians

Paint, Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings

Legal Fees (you are not allowed to not use a solicitor when signing most leases)

Your time to get it ready, and not be earning during this time

Running Costs:


Rates (councils charge businesses rates for existing)


PRS and PPL licenses to play music (from any source)

Rubbish Collection (the council make you pay for refuse)

Rates (the council charge rates to businesses for existing)

Stock/Product (you'll need to buy before being able to sell it)


Supplies - biscuits, tea etc

Cleaning Supplies and/or Cleaner/Window Washer


Bank Fees (business banking fees)

Card Machine rental and fees

VAT (if your business takes over £82,000 in 12 calendar months - NOT PROFIT, turnover) you must pay this extra tax. You may be running at a loss, but still be liable to pay VAT,

Staff Costs:

Direct wage cost

Holiday Pay

PAYE Taxes

Possible Sickness/Maternity Payments

Possible Training or Equipment Needs


Phew! Basically these costs will need to be covered by whatever product or service you intend to sell. You'll also need to pay yourself - you need to live too!


Rockalily Style - Embracing Change

Sometimes we choose to start a new chapter in our lives, and sometimes the chapter chooses us, and it's  always down to us to make the best of each one. Staying static gets boring, and so we must embrace newness and change with excitement. Your new chapter is waiting to be written!

I've recently started a new chapter, having moved away from my comfort zone of Crouch End (an area in North London), where I'd grown up, and more recently lived in the same flat for 4 years. My mother lived there, as did my best friends. I've now moved to Shoreditch (in East London), and rather coincidentally my Mother also moved out of Crouch End at the same time, retiring away from London. I'm now further away from my best friends, and further away from my Mother, and its rather amazing how much it has made me feel like I've started a brand new chapter.

No longer will I have a weekly catch up coffee with my Mother, nor can my mate call and say "Drink in ten minutes?", I'll see them less often and they'll be less impulsive visits.

I'm throwing myself into my new surroundings, having coffee at my local coffee shop regularly (I have a million to choose from), and even going for a beer all on my lonesome! I joined a local running club, and I've been meaning to join the bookclub, but have yet to make it.

My new corner of the world has a ton of things going on, and its up to me to explore it all. Yesterday I popped to Columbia Flower Market, and had an iced coffee. Delicious.