Rockalily Style - Vintage length skirt


I've sold or donated a lot of my vintage skirts, but have always liked this one.

It deserves nicer shoes though! My scruffy work shoes don't do it justice.


Why I'm glad my ex moved far far away

He wasn't my boyfriend for very long, and I had only started falling in love with him, so as break ups go, it wasn't the worst. However, with him close by, we remained pretty enmeshed for months afterwards. Logically I understood why we weren't a smart choice (or maybe more just wrong timing) but I seemed unable to give 'us' up completely. It felt so easy and comfortable with him, and we had fun, pure and silly fun, even after the breakup.

He moved across the world, and it's exactly what he needs, and actually it's what I needed. We seemed unable to let each other go, even though we weren't what each other needed.

It's odd that we can make choices that we are know are wrong; yet make them all the same.  

The dangerous part of holding onto something that isn't for you is that you won't have space for the right thing to find you. 

This isn't just about holding onto people, but jobs, or habits too. We need to create space so that the right or next thing can find us. It was advice my mother gave me years ago, and it's really stuck with me.

When I quit my job, I started working part time to help bridge the gap to self-employment. It can be really hard to tell when it is the right time to quit the part time job too. It's super scary to give up the security blanket of a part time job, but the part time job holds you back from advancing in your new path. I wasn't sure what to do, and my Mother advised me that I needed to make the space for more opportunities to find me, and that it was time to make the leap, and let go. So I did, and here I am. Sometimes we need to just let go, and allow the space to just exist for a while. And that's the scary part.


Rockalily Style: Entertaining at home in pom pom slippers


Look at me getting all fancy trying a new camera angle. 

I'm entertaining at home today, so I'm in slippers, not shoes. I always half wish these were shoes though.

I wonder if I could get sponsorship to get my legs finished in ;-)


Suits for men for under £100

I love a great suit on a guy, but understand that sometimes they come at quite a price! If budget is more of an issue, how about these 5 great suits for under £100?

This tartan jacket and trouser suit is £79.98 at New Look. It takes a bold man to rock a print, but I do love a plaid.

This navy skinny fit suit is from Topman, and is £100


This M&S suit is from the Big and Tall range and is £79

This navy slimfit suit from Next is £99 (and you can add the waistcoat for £35 more)


This burgundy suit from asos is £85 and great for winter.


Retro (but new) telephones 

We use our salon phone rather a lot (obviously) and we've been through a few recently. Our initial phone was the Wild and Wolf silver one, which I bought from Amazon over two years ago. It gots lots of compliments from clients, who were often surprised to find out it was brand new. I liked the real bell ring tone as well. However, the line was often crackly and quite quiet. Not great for a busy hair salon!

The lips phone are from the second salon, which we borrowed when we'd finally had enough of the poor quality line from the silver one recently.

We were then contacted by PMC Telecom who wanted to send us a new retro phone. We went for the 1929 Carrington Push Button Telephone in red.

It's quite a cheap phone, at just under £35, and so you can't expect it to look super expensive. If I'm honest I prefer the quality of the finish of the silver phone, but the red phone has a lovely loud and clear line, which is much more practical for us! Cute as a gift idea too.

What do you think? Tweet me your favourite out of our phones!


Rockalily Style - Layering for Winter


I'm trying to wrap up warm for work today! I've layered a vest, a shirt and a jumper, as well as tights and socks! 

I've thrown my hair into a quick beehive.



"No man wants you" - The ultimate insult?

I'm not the first woman to be on the end of this sort of bitterness, but I still find the rudeness and brashness pretty shocking.

The mini back story is that I spoke to this "gentleman" a while back from a dating site, exchanging numbers and chatting on Whatsapp for an evening or two. It didn't go anywhere, so I thought end of story.

A while later, maybe a couple of months, he messaged yesterday out of the blue, which I ignored. Again today, which I replied to. I politely enquired what was up, why was he messaging etc. 

"I wanna chat."

I particularly enjoy the 60 second switch from "Can we start again?" to calling me a racist.

I resisted the urge to defend myself by listing my non-racist credentials. I don't need to prove myself to a man I've never met.

What I found most interesting was the end insult, "no man wants you".  

Let's ignore the obvious fact that 6 minutes ago he did, but more that some men believe that it is the ultimate insult. No man will ever want you. 

Isn't it tiring how when some men get rejected they can switch with so much hatred (towards women?). No doubt they bitch and moan to their friends that women are shallow and racist.