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Rockalily Style - Ombre hair and River Island playsuit

I plan to style my hair at work, this is just a few days old curl. I will re-set it to lose its mullet-ness which occured after a bath and the back got wet.

I'm wearing a River Island playsuit, which I got in the sale. I threw on a matching but clashing (matching colour, clashing print) cotton cardigan thing from Henry Holland.


Hitting a slump and climbing back out of it - fitness

I have been away from my home for a few weeks, and it's highlighted how important routines are. I have felt I've gained softness/weight/fat, and it's because my eating and exercise routines have changed.

So now I need to get back to where I'm happier. I usually start with surrounding myself with motivation. Flicking through some #fitspo on instagram and buying a magazine. I know that #fitspitation has received some flack recently, being compared to #thinso and eating disorders (or triggers to). However, I follow some great healthy and strong men and women, who I believe are great role models or inspiration.

Last night I made courgetti (courgette spaghetti) and seemed to inspire a couple of people on instagram to go and buy a spirialiser! So, what is courgette spaghetti? You use a gadget called a spirialiser to create spaghetti strips of your veggie of choice. Courgette doesn't have a taste in this way - I was asked if it was bitter, but I'd say it was like pasta, just acts as a base for whatever flavour you put on top. It has the texture of al dente spaghetti, and I cook it by just lightly boiling it for a few minutes.


#vlv17 Viva Las Vegas 2014 - some of the best photos of the weekender

This suitcase from @pinupdollx. Wow.

Bri's @miss_bri_lamour hashtag while she was getting ready #takingmysweetasstime

Ginger @gingerwatson winning Miss Viva Las Vegas 17


Tifa @tifa_hogberg and her gorgeous friends showing the Viva virgins how it's done.

Xanthia @xanthiapink rocking her bright pink hair and brows alongside @tinatokyo


Jenny @jennyeloiserieu posing at the Neon Boneyard.

Anthony's @thexplague picture of his friend's attempt at getting pineapple chunks for a cocktail without a can opener.


Brittany's @ilovebrittanyjane amazing sunglasses.

Wendy's @lovelywendylu vintage skirts.

Cherry @thecherrydollface winning over $200 on $20.

Kandy K @kandyisbadass finding her very own sign. 

Miss Ruby's hangover/sun blindness after a night of dancing till morn'.



Rockalily Style - Dating Safe


Let me explain this outfit. I'm going on a date, so I want to feel 'nice', but not overdone. I love the comfort of a pencil dress; I enjoy that my boobs are safely away, nothing can fall down or out (!), but it is essentially tight and 'feminine'.

I don't like to wear heels in the early stages of dating, so I mismatch a smarter outfit with crazily casual shoes (and crazy socks).

I don't wear lipstick at start of dating either, I feel men find it intimating, and its something else to worry about - is it still on evenly, has it smudged etc etc.

My hair is swept and pinned to the side, with some sweet pink flowers at the back, and one row of extensions just to give a bit more length and volume.


Rockalily Style - Rockabilly at the bank


I wouldn't call this as 'outfit' as such, just some clothes to go to the bank in!

I've thrown on a Flaming 13 tee, with a Warehouse pencil skirt. My hair is in pincurls from yesterday, so keeping a bandana on until I go out tonight.


ETA - Until you remember its Easter Monday and the banks are in fact closed. Fail.


Viva Las Vegas 2014 - The best hair of #vlv17

Visiting (or spying using social media) Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender is such a hair-spiring place to be. I thought I'd round up some of the best hair inspiration for your very own rockabilly hair-spiration.

I follow Ruby @missrockabillyruby on instagram, as she's a kick arse American vintage hairstylist (she's also on our wall in the salon from past Vivas!) but this look she wore to the pool party has to be my favourite hairstyle of hers yet! The perfect blonde poodle served with a dollop of rockabilly attitude.

Talking of rockabilly attitude, another Viva Las Vegas favourite is of course Micheline Pitt @michelinepitt, who took her inspiration from a 1959 Barbie. Perfection. A high pony with a mini poodle curl at the front.

Dixie @dixiedpinup has the perfect swimming pool hairdo - again a high pony tail, but she has added a single roll at the front, and created a garland of hair flowers - it's Vegas, why not?!


Shelly @shellyruiz1983 has amazing height to her fringe, I can only imagine its a ton of back combing under that sleek exterior! Gorgeous.

Raquel Reed @ihateraquelreed is one to follow if you want to see hair with attitude! 

Yasmin @vampdecarlo proves that hair doesn't have to be 'set', with this glam 60s look. Sleek but lots of volume.

Renai @renaiholidai shows us how to rock perfect victory rolls at her photoshoot at VLV.


Another #VLV favourite, Jasmin @vintagevandal is super friendly, and her outfits are always stand-out (which is tricky at VLV!). I love her rocking poodle do here.

Courtney @pinupcourtney  has two super cute rolls, and I love how they go in opposite ways to meet/kiss in the middle.


Rockalily Style - Wearing sunshine yellow in the rain


I've been oh so tired this week, and struggling to shake it. This was a work outfit, just a quick dress with a yellow Warehouse top thrown on over.

If I'm feeling 'off' I often force myself to wear things that are the opposite to my mood, so I wore little heels from Clarks, big gold hoops, and a half wig to create a big messy beehive.