Tutti Rouge Lingerie Review - The Kitty Bra

There is a new bigger-busted lingerie company on the block, and you may want to check them out.

Tutti Rouge offers sizes 28-38 DD-HH, and they're super cute. Long gone are the days that us larger boobed ladies need to stick to boring and ugly bras.

They sent me this Kitty Bra to try, which sells for £32, and the skirty short which is £16 and the brazilian pant which is £15.

I'm a little too used to higher waisted knickers, and I feel a little uncomfortable in the skirty short, simply because they sit so low. But perhaps it's just something I'll get used to, it's just a very new silhouette for me!

When you try on a bra, you want to ignore the label, and just check the fit. The back should be sitting horizontally, it shouldn't rise up. If your back rises up it is too big for you. Try a smaller band size. The front of the bra should sit flat against your chest. The middle of the bra should be flush against you, not peeking forward.

I'm wearing a 34DD bra, the skirty shorts are a S, and the pants are a M.


Rockalily Style: Lingerie before work


I wore my little checked mini dress, which is a charity shop find but from Oasis originally. It has a cute 60s vibe to it. It's pretty brisk out there now, so I teamed it with a Collectif cardigan (use REE10 for a discount).  I rockabilly-ed it up with a red bandana and chunky black and white heels from Dr Marten.

I was going via a Freye Lingerie press event to work, which led to my usual argument with the lovely bra fitters. I've collaborated with Freya for a while now, and rarely take the size they'd like me to wear! Ha ha. Today was no different. I like to wear a 36DD, and they like me to wear a 30GG. We compromised on a 32G. When it arrives I'll take some photos to show you why I prefer a more ill-fitting bra ;-)


Why did I wait so long - Daylight Bulbs

Every winter I bemoan the bloggers' curse of poor lighting, it makes outfit pictures, or in fact any pictures very challenging to take at home. I laugh, but actually these types of thing matter! He he!

I finally ordered a daylight light bulb after a recommendation on twitter, and oh gosh, why did I wait so long!

I love it, not just for photos, but just for the light it gives my flat. It is meant to help with SAD and I can see why. It doesn't feel dull, yellow and dark. I've ordered another for my side lamp too.

1. Why did I wait so long to buy expensive  make up brushes?

2. Why did I wait so long to wear nude eyeshadow?


Firebox told off for rude mug - what does it mean for other sellers of naughty words?

Twat Plate on Etsy

Who doesn't love a cheeky swear word on a plate?

Dickhead card - Etsy

Who doesn't love a naughty birthday card?

Fuck You rings - Etsy

Or showing the world how you really feel with a piece of rude jewellery?

Unt mug from Firebox

This UNT mug (with a C handle) from Firebos has however caused quite a storm today with the advertising standards agency. The ASA recieved one single complaint, after someone saw it on the front page of the Firebox website. The ASA considered the sales listing an 'ad' and therefore subject to advertising guidelines.

The ASA ruled that offensive material need prominent warnings to potential viewers.

What does this mean for other online companies who sell us objects with rude items on? They couldn't advertise these items in print, or on billboards, are website home pages any different? Should they be tucked behind adult warnings and age-restrictions? 


We are results of the people, thoughts and objects we surround ourselves with

Jim Rohn famously said that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with, but I'd like to discuss how this also spreads further than that, to include all of our choices, objects and actions.

I'm such a believer in the notion that we are a result of the thoughts we think, rather than our thoughts being created by the person we are (if that makes sense!). We get a say in the words that we fill our minds with; we choose those internal dialogues that loop around to tell us how we feel about the world. I'm not saying it's easy to change them, but that it is possible, and that we are capable of being in control of them.

In relation to finding motivation for fitness, I extend this belief to knowing that we are the result of the actions we make. Fit people exercise, therefore if you're wanting to be more fit, you just need to exercise. We clutter this simple idea with the expectation that we will feel ready or motivated at one point worth waiting for. That we need to find the right mood, or moment. We don't. If we want to be a fit person, we must act as fit people do. 

So what about the objects we surround ourselves with? Are we a result of our surroundings too? There is certainly truth that a cluttered home/desk is often related to a cluttered mind. Clothes and image can also have such an empowering impact on who we are, or become. Are we the result of the clothes we wear? This is actually the area I struggle with most. I'd love to be someone who is somewhat minimalist with objects, but yet I'm still the complete opposite. I have been actively working on changing this mindset, so hopefully I'll get to where I want to be one day!


Is it a failure if your first business idea didn't work out?

Roughly 4 years ago I quit my career in education, to become self employed. For a very short period of time my plan was to create Rockalily Massage, and I realised today that I'd never considered that little plan 'a failure'. Never had I regretted investing the money in massage training and equipment, nor had I experienced any feeling of 'waste'.

The massage idea was short-lived, perhaps a couple of months in total, but it was an important step in my pathway to where I currently am.

The thing that I found most scary when quitting for pastures new, was believing that I could ever be good at something else other than teaching. It took a lot of soul searching to work out that success was transferrable. Up until this point I'd never ever wanted to run my own business; in fact I was the opposite! Having seen my Mother run a business I'd always sworn I never would!

Often the thing that holds us back from change and success is how to actually start, and actually it doesn't really matter how you start, it's just crucial that you do. Rockalily Massage was me getting my ball rolling.

I quickly realised it wasn't the business plan for  me, and the ball kept rolling until I conceived of Rockalily Lipstick, which became my first actual business that ran successfully.

I think the trick is to keep focused on your end goal, and reflect regularly as to whether you are on the correct path. There is no shame in working out that your path is no longer the right one, it takes guts to switch gears, but fortune favours the bold.


Rockalily Style - 1930s bobbed hair

After rediscovering my old Bettie Page dress yesterday I decided to dig out another one!

Look at the type of dark and blurry photo I used to use for #ootd blog posts, my how the world of blogging has changed over the years!