Punning my way to Latin America

floripa shoreditch

The other night I headed to a blogger event, it was so local to me it would be rude not to! So off I trotted to Floripa, to have an evening with Latin America Airlines. 

There were drinks, food and competitions. I love the fun of a contest, and winning a round trip sounded worth a shot! First of all we tried to win on the "hit the map the fastest game but failed miserably.

latin american airlines blog

So I decided to throw my hat into the twitter competition, and I decided to go for puns. Who doesn't love a pun?!

Sadly my wit didn't win, I'll have to try harder next time!

reeree east london

How to keep moving forward when the world is more challenging than normal

Life isn't always easy, no one ever made that promise. It would get pretty boring if it was anyhow. I was reflecting today over the past year, and recalling how I started 2015 back in January. I had a lot of mountains to climb, but time passes, as it always does, and most summits have been reached, or I'm really nearly there.

When you're deep down in the pit of a ravine, it can feel never ending. It's hard to imagine seeing that light at the end of the tunnel. Yet that light always comes.

I'm an optimistic person, but this wasn't a happy accident. Over the years I've worked really hard on my internal dialogues, until seeking joy became my natural default. The old me would be drawn to the negative, to the defence mechanism of predicting the worst. It's not a happy space to occupy in the world.

So when times are tough, I try to remain forward thinking. Here are some of the ways I try and stay cheery when the world feels more challenging than normal:

1. Remind myself that of course, "This too shall pass", because it always does. If I need proof, I can recall other stressful times, that are now long gone. Even stressful times from a month ago are often hard to recall now. Things pass, and they quickly lose their power over us.

2. Appreciate the small joys. A glass of wine in the bath, a new book from a charity shop,an afternoon spent with friends, a crisp sunny morning. You get the idea. I have developed a knack of becoming over excited about seemingly silly things, but it definitely beats never getting excited about anything.

3. Be more forgiving of yourself. We often expect nothing short of perfection from ourselves, yet will forgive those we love for their imperfections, because we grasp that no one is capable of living free from mistakes. We will stumble, and that's ok. The test is how we get back up again, smile slapped across our faces ready to bounce even higher.

4. Don't over indulge your own thoughts. Sometimes I just get really strict with myself. Allowing ourselves to wallow in our own thoughts can be so counter-productive. It can often be the case that we're worrying about things that don't even end up happening, or just that worrying doesn't enable a solution more likely to appear. When I feel myself beginning to drown in negativity I force myself up and about. I may go for a walk, play happy music or phone a friend who needs me more than I need them.

5. Become a solution finder, rather than a problem solver. No challenges that we face are unique to us, and have been worked on and through by many before us. The solution may not be easy to see, or easy to do, but there are always ways to step forward. Rather than allowing my mind to dwell on the problem (why did this happen), I accept the situation and try to work on ideas for the next step (Ok, here we are....now what?).

Life passes pretty quickly, and it's up to us to take notice of all the awesome that surrounds us. No one said it was meant to be easy, stop waiting for it to be a smooth ride.


I'm not even sure what we meant when we say we want to trust someone? To trust them to never let us down? Well that's surely an impossibility. To trust them to do their best not to hurt us?  To trust their intentions?  

By wanting to say we trust someone, are we seeking a promise that is simply unreachable; to never be disappointed or hurt?

Wanting to trust comes from a fear of the future, a need to feel secure in the present by being able to predict what will happen next.

I think what is more powerful is to learn to trust ourselves. To trust that no matter what happens we're be able to handle it. That we'll come out of the other side. That when disappointment strikes, as it inevitably will, we'll be ok. 

To give everything your all, but know that you won't be left empty by doing so. 

How do we do that?

1. Maintain your own interests. This reassures you that your life is whole and complete without a significant other in it.

2. Trust your gut more than you trust others.

3. Take notice of action more than words. What matters is how someone behaves, not what they say.

4. Understand that it's often a lack of thought, rather than an actual decision to hurt you that causes pain. 



Borrow My Doggy - My new doggy playmate

borrow my doggy again

I went on my first Borrow My Doggy play date in January 2015, and recently borrowed my toy poodle for 7 days, but today I had another first date! Meet my new doggy pal Sailor! 

pomerarian dog

So I had her for the whole day, so plenty of time to become pals. I started at home, to just give her a chance to get to know me. I've actually never touched a dog as small as this, which took a while to get used to!  

vintage hood dryers with dog

We went to the salon to say hello, and a quick pose. She even got street style spotted on the way, with a photographer asking to take her picture. 

pomeraian dog bed

We headed back home, so I could do some writing. I have a little laptop table for when I want to work from bed, and Sailor seemed more than content to just chill beside me.

It's a hard life hey?!

#VerySpecialSomething - All About The Sparkle

superdry skirt £42   +    French Connection dress £165

superdry skirt £42   +    French Connection dress £165

When very.co.uk asked me to take part in their #VerySpecialSomething campaign I jumped at the chance to indulge in some online window shopping. I had planned to show off their great search facility (which allows me to search for 'pencil' as a subsection of skirts) as I often find online browsing so overwhelming when you're faced with 27 pages of results. However, I got rather distracted by all the sparkles. I quickly changed my plans.....the sequins won.

V by very black skirt £27   +   converse £35

V by very black skirt £27   +   converse £35

If winter isn't the time to indulge in sequins, I don't know when is?! I'm such a believer in not saving your best clothes for 'best', as it leaves you in a rather odd situation of wearing your crappiest clothes the most, and your nicest clothes the least! Wear your favourite clothes the most! 

River Island sequin jeans £60   +   v by very dress £24.50

River Island sequin jeans £60   +   v by very dress £24.50

I wore my disco pants til they died, and I may have to soon upgrade to sequin disco pants. I know they won't last forever, but I reckon they'd bring me so much joy every time I wore them. They'd be great with a more casual knit jumper, or more glam for a night out. These skinny sequinned jeans are my absolute favourites, they went down a storm on my instagram too!

Forever unique dress £271.50   +    Myleene Klass (no longer available)

Forever unique dress £271.50   +    Myleene Klass (no longer available)

I have yet to be invited to an event where I'd feel a floor length sequin gown would be appropriate, but by gosh, when I do, I'm going to rock it.

V by Very Dress £85      +          V by Very turquoise skirt £20.30

V by Very Dress £85      +          V by Very turquoise skirt £20.30

I am quite a practical shopper, so sequins tend not to make the cut, they seem quite indulgent; they won't last long and are traditionally saved for special nights out. But this winter I'm determined to treat myself to some sparkle. Not all purchases need to be logical do they?!

Juicy Couture  £86.50

Juicy Couture  £86.50

If I get lost, at least I know I can follow the trail of sequins home...

This is a sponsored post but all views are, as always, my own.

When tragic things happen in the world...

When tragic things happen in the world, our emotions can all become pretty tangled. We're horrified for the people who lost their lives in such a violent and unwarranted fashion, we're saddened for everyone affected by their loss. We're scared for ourselves and our own loved ones, and the harsh reminder that life (and death) is wildly unpredictable. We're confused at how humans beings can become so warped in their understanding of the world. We're angry that there are people who wish innocent lives harm. We're forced to remember our own fragility and mortality. 

All of these emotions and people's understanding of them seem to cause conflict themselves. People on twitter get cross at how other people react, they feel as if there is a correct response, and people need to be corrected or educated to respond in the same was as they do. Fear, shock, sadness and anger are all unpredictable emotions, and I think people would be kinder if they reminded themselves of this.

Ten years ago I was in Hurricane Katrina, a storm that destroyed a city which hasn't yet recovered. I was trapped in The Superdome, a now rather infamous stadium, which housed about 20,000 of us, largely, the poor, the vulnerable and homeless. It was a terrifying scary place to be held, with fear, sadness and violence never too far away. On the street outside were hijackers, looters and tragic scenes of loss. I witnessed how the emotions of fear, sadness and anger can affect people differently. We may be reacting differently but the feelings are generally the same.

The glimmers of hope that shine though during a tragedy are where our minds can safely go. We see how during crisis many people rise to greatness. Whether they're standing in line to donate blood in Paris, or preparing boxes of care to be sent to refugees in Calais. We are reminded to appreciate our loved ones, to reflect on our own good fortunes, and to seek to spread joy and kindness. 


This post was written in response to the Terrorist attacks in Paris. 


Why do we always want more tattoos?

If you were able to just click your fingers and have your tattoo-journey complete (whether that means full body coverage for you, or much less) would you? If money, pain and healing time were no object, would you fill in all your gaps at the flick of a magic switch, or would you crave the ability to get tattooed as and when you felt the urge?

I  read an online article on psmag.com by Alice Dreger, where she was pondering what would happen if we just told children that we largely had sex for pleasure. Her son had queried how accidental pregnancies were in fact possible, if adults only had sex to procreate (the message that was passed to him in school and most sex-ed book aimed at kids). Alice realised that we forget to explain that most sex has nothing to do with wanting children, but is actually for pleasure. She calmly told her son that after puberty you start to get a 'special' itch, and asked him to reflect how good it felt to scratch an itch. This analogy for me seemed to answer the ever-asked question about why people seem to feel an urge to keep getting more tattoos.


I have my own special itch (the tattoo kind). In the past 5 years I've developed a seemingly never-ending craving to narrate my life on my skin. That little sense of unrest my tattoo-itch caused made me want to walk into the nearest tattoo shop and get a small addition, marking this new step in my life's journey. I was surprised by how intense that feeling was. It reminded me of Alice describing to her son that he'd only understand the feeling of sexual desire once he hit puberty. Only people who get lots of tattoos understand that specific craving for more!

I'm not addicted to tattoos, the pain, or 'ruining myself',  I'm simply enjoying scratching my little ink itches along the way!

So, would I take up the option to 'finish' myself? No. I'm enjoying the journey far too much. The waiting, saving, researching, impulsively going for it, collaborating, designing, and waiting to see how it settles in; all part of our own tattoo voyages. It wouldn't be half as fun without the journey.