Rockalily Style - Date Night

A date night outfit, I was off for a lovely local meal out, which ended with some prosecco and snow - lovely!



Rockalily Style - Dog Walking in Wintertime

I'm currently dog sitting a miniature poodle, so this is my dog walking outfit, we're off to do a nice long walk in the brisk January sunshine.



Life happens, but you get to choose how to react to it

Life happens. We cannot always control things that happen to us. We do not get to choose our parents, and we do not get to choose when or how disease will strike us or our families. We may lose our job through no fault of our own, or we may have to work a job that we don't adore.

But we all have the ability to change how we act, react and think about the things that life throws at us. We can choose optimism and trust that better times are around the corner. We can believe that we can always control our lives and make things better. We can get up, seize the day, and do whatever it is we can to be happy/happier.

Some people become lazy, or unable to see a way out, while others get up, get dressed and see what they can achieve that day. What one thing can you do today to get you one smidge closer to where you want to be?


ReeRee as a writer....eeeek! New article in Vintage Life Magazine

Did you read the Christmas issue of Vintage Life? You may well have spotted an article of mine in there!

I wrote about the political statements hair trends make, and reflected on the history of the blow dry.

One of my current working goals is that I push my writing more (in print), and try to feel more proud of what I have done so far. So in that spirit, I've previously had published:

Regular column in Things and Ink (9 issues so far)

"When ReeRee Met Ami" - I interviewed Ami James and really need to scan this in more clearly!

"Am I a (body) art collector?" - Article about tattoos

"Vintage in Vegas" - Vintage shopping guide to Las Vegas

"Tattoos and the City" - Interviews with tattooists Tracy D and Valerie Vargas

Wonder if I'll manage to get anything else in print this year?!


Rockalily Style - Classic Rockabilly Ree


A pretty classic rockabilly look today, a dress with a jumper. I accessorised with blue - necklace, bandana and glasses.

"Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life." —Bill Cunningham


What matters when falling in love?

I often find that when we're on the search for love, we can go down the Tinder-lined path, where we value sexual attraction first (and hope to find someone awesome under the wrapping), or the E-Harmony route where we value compatibility first (and hope to really fancy their pants off later).

I've found that what we find harder to judge, or at least harder to establish, is the crucial question of whether we're all on the same page.

Romantic fiction sells us the idea that if we just meet 'the one' nothing else will matter. Distance, relationship status, life outlook; nothing will stand in true love's way.

Certainly it can happen that way, however I'm perhaps a tad too fond of saying,"Love isn't enough".

Whether you both want the same sort of future, on the same sort of time scale, in the same sort of lifestyle actually matters more than we perhaps give credit to. We seem to ask these sort of questions much further down the line, after we've worked out whether we fancy each other, or get on well. However, if you're someone with quite a clear plan for your own happiness, maybe we need to give more weight to these life style factors.

When did you figure out whether you were on the same page as your partner? Have you ever found it out too late? How much of it matters? Could you compromise on having children? On moving away? On splashing the cash versus saving regularly? Visiting the in-laws every weekend? How you want to spend your days matter, and falling in love with someone who doesn't share your vision can be pretty risky.


Rockalily Style - Be@1 cocktails

I had planned on an evening in at home, but instead had an impromptu cocktail date.

I ended up almost drinking my dinner at Be@1, starting with a spinach and kale cocktail, followed by a bloody mary, finishing with a sweet dessert, rounding off with coffee!

I may have added an extra Paradise Punch as it was so delicious!

It contained:

  • Southern Comfort
  • Amaretto
  • Vodka
  • Lime
  • Grenadine
  • Orange Juice
  • Pineapple Juice

Yum! Have you tried Be@1 for their cocktail hours? My local one has their cocktail hour for 3.5 hours each day, or all day on Mondays!