Rockalily Style - Be@1 cocktails

I had planned on an evening in at home, but instead had an impromptu cocktail date.

I ended up almost drinking my dinner at Be@1, starting with a spinach and kale cocktail, followed by a bloody mary, finishing with a sweet dessert, rounding off with coffee!

I may have added an extra Paradise Punch as it was so delicious!

It contained:

  • Southern Comfort
  • Amaretto
  • Vodka
  • Lime
  • Grenadine
  • Orange Juice
  • Pineapple Juice

Yum! Have you tried Be@1 for their cocktail hours? My local one has their cocktail hour for 3.5 hours each day, or all day on Mondays!


Rockalily Styles - Casual Date Outfit with Brutus

I always feel like this is my butch outfit! He he, I do love this shirt though, its from Brutus, back when I was included in their catalogue. A pair of braces would complete the look I reckon!

"No matter how attractive someone's potential may be, you have to date their reality"

Sometimes we waste time, hoping and waiting for someone to change, or grow. Whilst actually they're just being who they are.



Break up with me by text - it's kinder.

There is never a 'right' way to break up with someone, but I often hear the advice to be brave and at least tell them in person. So here I am to stand up and defend the text break up, as an actually kinder way of announcing the news.

If someone dumps me face to face, not only do I have to deal with the emotional reaction to me being rejected. I may feel angry I didn't get in there first, or sad that my soulmate doesn't feel the same as I do. In addition to all of the emotions (including surprise no doubt) I now also have to deal with a multitude of other stresses, that wouldn't exist if you'd just told me via Whatsapp.

1. I am away from home, and now I need to get home. I may need to sit on public transport crying.

2. There is the social situation that needs wrapping up; do we finish our meal? Am I supposed to throw my drink at you?

3. I have a split second to decide how I feel, as well as managing to keep it together, and create an appropriate response. You've had days or weeks to plan what you're saying, yet I have zero time to work out my initial response.

Maybe, I don't want you to know I cried. Perhaps I want 5 minutes to word my power-seizing one liner response? 

Do me a favour, and break up with me via text.


Rockabilly Fashion on the highstreet (New Look)

It is definitely possible to find awesome and reasonably priced rockabilly and vintage inspired fashion on the highstreet, if you know what to keep an eye out for! I took a peek at New Look, to see what I could find! New Look is great for affordable but decent quality items.

This skirt length used to be pretty darn impossible to find on the highstreet, so I'm always excited whenever it hits the mainstream again.

A great denim or checked shirt never fails, similarly off-the-shoulder tops are always a fabulously sneaky find.

I also found high waisted jeans, pencil skirts and disco pants. Staples for all rockabilly wardrobes!

This super cute black dress seems to be the perfect length, and sleeve length, which is so unusual for mainstream fashion! I'm tempted by this particularly!


Rockalily Style - I need a fringe trim!

You know my fringe needs a trim when I start side sweeping it, I got it reshaped at the salon today - phew!

“People say everybody has a book inside them, so why not make your life a great story?” 
― Martha Louise Hunter



Colourful Wedding Dresses (usually on a budget)

Apparently it's only relatively recently that a dress would be bought exclusively for a wedding day, as brides would just wear their best dress, regardless of colour.

It was Queen Victoria in 1840 who first seemed to start the fashion for selecting a white dress, and it was first mentioned in a magazine ten years later that white was the most suitable colour for a bride.

During times of economic troubles (The Great Depression, Wartime etc) brides often starting wearing coloured bridal gowns again, as they couldn't afford to invest in an outfit that would only be worn once.

This fashion of white isn't a worldwide of course, with Eastern cultures often favouring bold and bright colours

If you've never fancied a white wedding dress, you're certainly opening up your options, and often able to buy a much cheaper dress! 

This light cerise dress is from Lou Lou

This super cute raspberry dress is also from Lou Lou

Brave enough for a black wedding dress?

A powder pink is a bit more traditional, but still pretty sweet! This one is £150

Always fancied a leopard print wedding dress, just to fully embrace your love of rockabilly? 

This has a subtle gold thread within the material, and is crying out for a perfect vintage inspired wedding theme. 

If you're looking for a brightly coloured wedding dress, remember you're not restricted to the bridal sections. This amazingly slinky yellow dress is about £2500 and pretty darn amazing.

There's something about red, so perhaps you're using your wedding as an excuse to invest in a stunning floor length gown. This one is £950.


I recently went to a wedding where the bride wore a Grecian style wrap dress similar to this, and it was very timeless and simple. This one is £149

This 1940s style blue sarong dress is perfect for a beach or Vegas wedding! 

I saw a bride in a gold sequin dress once, very similar to this, and I loved it. This one is £160

If you want a more tradional fair gown dress, but not white (and on a budget) look at prom dresses. These types of dress are often under £100

Want to look at more traditional vintage style dresses?


Ella Masters - Launches Big Pop Club

If you've been to Rockalily Cuts you may well have spotted some Ella Masters artwork on our walls. We've got prints, stickers and an original.

Here is Ella sketching our original Rockalily Cuts Beared Man!

It should be pretty obvious why we love her artwork so much!

If you're a fan of subscription boxes, you may well be interested in Ella Master's new Big Pop Club which is a monthly goodie box, starting at £15 a month.