MTV VMA awards

I may not watch the MTV VMA awards, but I definitely enjoy a nose at the fashion and style choices made. My social media streams were full of Katy Perry, honouring the infamous Britney Spears VMA double denim outfit. Genius. Katy Perry is my kind of girl!


Two of my female style icons together, rocking it; Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez, both showing us that 40s is even more fabulous than 30s.


 It's always good to see celebrities rocking some alternative hair colours, but I have to say I'm not really loving Kesha's hair at the moment, what do you think?


Everyone loves a selfie of course, how else best to capture a great night out with your friends?
It's nice to know that even Katy Perry has a selfie face!
Tattoo watch is always on high alert at award ceremonies of course, and here is a pretty sweet one on Iggy Azalea

Rockalily Style - Skinny jeans and DM boots

Today I'm wearing high waisted black jeans with a checked shirt tied at the waist. My boots are Dr. Martins. 


Blitz Party Hair in Shoreditch




This is me, back in 2011, visiting The Blitz Party, and the night is so successful it is still going, and selling out every time. It's nearly Blitz time again, on September 13th, and at Rockalily Cuts and Rockalily Styles, we always get booked up from people wanting the perfect hairdo for their outfits.








I've got my weave back (and what the flip is weave anyway?)

Yesterday, after a cancellation at Rockalily Styles, our new blow dry and styling bar, I decided it was time to get my weave sewn back in! I'd taken it out back when the weather was just crazy hot, and the weave just became a bit gross. But I've definitely missed her (it?).

So, what do I mean when I say weave? Some of my own hair is plaited into cornrow braids along my scalp, and wefts of hair are sewn (literally with a needle and thread) onto/into the braids. 

When we choose to wear extensions, we have to choose which fixing method suits us best. Our hair types are different, and the results we want vary. Whether we go for bonds, clip ins, nano rings, glue, sewn in etc, is a personal choice each and every time, and I don't think that there is one method that is always best for everyone.

On the left you can see my real hair, and on the right is my faux hair. The trick is obviously to style your hair to blend the two together. I could make this much easier for myself by having my extensions shorter, so that the difference between the two was lessened, but I enjoy the silliness of the length too much! It's like playing dress up!

 No matter which fixing method you've gone for, you have to be somewhat conscious of how you wear your hair to disguise the fixtures. In my case, its the tracks (the braids with the weft sewn onto them). I find a half-up/half-down hairstyle works best for me.

The downsides to sewing in weave? Itchiness is the main complaint, as the scalp under the braids doesn't get washed very well. People do complain that their hair falls out, but this shouldn't be the case. We lose about 100 hairs each day, and when our hair has been braided, those hairs that would naturally fall away stay in the braid. When you take your braids out, there will be a lot of hair that comes away, but this would have fallen out anyhow, in your hair's natural life cycle. Phew. It can be a bit scary the first time!


Rockalily Style - Investing in Fashion


Today I'm wearing a Bettie Page dress I bought in Las Vegas 2010, over 4 years ago now.

I have worn it loads, throwing it the washing machine along with everything else each time. At the time, it felt like an expensive purchase, perhaps about $120, but by gosh it has never gone out of style, and still feels and looks pretty brand new.


The great thing about finding a 'style' and sticking with it, is that investing in pieces is worthwhile. It becomes valuable to buy quality items, that will wear, wash and last well. When we follow trends we're much less likely to watch to invest in them. The popularity of Primark proves this, as we all love the chance to buy something we know we'll only love for a season. 

Do you trust your sense of style enough to invest in any key pieces? What did you go for?


We are the sum of all our choices

Who we are isn't fixed and static. However, if we fall back onto the same mental tapes that play in our minds, we can get trapped by our own defining thoughts.

If we repeat to ourself the belief that we are a certain way; "I have a terrible memory," "I'm not the running type," "I don't like exercise," "I'm a shy person,"etc those things become true. They give our brains the chance to not change, to settle into low expectations as a defence against failure.

Habits are hard to break, and the path of least resistence is always easier to follow. There is however, a crucial difference between hard and impossible.

No one is born with the gift of motivation. It doesn't arrive packaged up in a bow. You create a feeling of being motivated by acting as if you were motivated. Once you chase away the crippling inertia of change, it's always easier to keep going; motivation breeds motivation.

We really do have the power to create whoever we want to be. We are the sum of all of our choices.


#ootd - Nike pants and Tommy Hilfiger Sport vest. DC gym trainers


Secret Cinema - Back to the Future (what a fancy dress experience!)

We've been super busy over the last few weeks at Rockalily Cuts and Rockalily Styles helping people feel fabulous for their visit to Secret Cinema (Back to the Future).

Secret Cinema is a company that creates immersive film experiences, and Back to the Future has been their biggest to date. Perhaps surprisingly I have never seen any of the films, but I've been loving seeing all of the vintage inspired hair we've created at the salon, as well as keeping an eye on the hashtag over on instagram. I get so much enjoyment out of seeing people play around with their image, and have fun with vintage inspired fashion.