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What happens when you put your pet to sleep, and why I chose to stay

Over two months ago I posted that I had put my yorkshire terrier Ellington to sleep. I wanted to wait a while before sharing this next post, as I know it's an upsetting topic for most of us.

Once you make the decision to put a pet to sleep, your decision making isn't finished. You have to decide whether you want to stay with them for the process, and what you'd like done with them afterwards.

Around the time of putting Ellington down, I'd recently put a family cat to sleep, so I thought I'd share my experiences, in case anyone is soon having to consider their options for their pets too.

With both pets, Biskit my family cat who was 20, and Ellington, my old boy, I didn't hesitate to say that I'd be with them for the whole procedure. Both of these pets were very challenging for strangers to get near (I may be the common demoninator there!), so I had prewarned the vets that it may get quite distressing.

With Biskit the cat they took her away,  out the back, to put the cannula in (so that they can inject the medicine without having to pierce the skin again). They take her out back so that I don't have to see her struggle. They then inject the first dose, with me holding her, and she goes dopey. They then inject the second medicine, which stops their hearts. They warn you that you may 'feel' it, and as Biskit was so skinny at that stage, it was certainly something you were aware of happening. Her passing was very quiet, and I laid her on the table and left. I met my then-boyfriend outside, and paid the bill.

Ellington's passing was a little different, and I'm not sure if it's just chance, or because he's bigger. He was given a jab in his back, which he yelped at, but then I had about 5 mins to wait for the drowsiness to kick in. I sat with him and held him. He just got very sleepy, and even started snoring in typical Ellington fashion.

I then laid him on the table for the second dose. The vet took the time to double check I wanted to stay, explaining that many owners leave at this point. I knew I owed it to Stinks to be there, and I listened to vet carefully explain what I may see happen to his body while the medicine and death started. He described that Ellington would no longer be with us, but that his body could have reactions that can seem upsetting, but that Elli wouldn't be aware of any of it.

If I'm honest, it was very hard to watch. I'm a pretty tough cookie, and I found it hard to witness. I can certainly see why many people leave at the sleepy stage. I know, logically, that a dog can't tell if you stay till the end, but I just needed to know that I had.

 It's hard to have that as your last memory of them, so I took the vet up on the offer to just stay with him for a bit, once the process had finished. Putting a pet down can be such a mixed bag of emotions, it can  help to have a few quiet moments. 

Sometimes we have to be the brave ones, and make the decisions that our pets are unable to make for themselves.


Rockalily Styles - Ombre Braid

It's another sunny day in Londn town, so I'm wearing a swishy vintage anchor skirt, with a Rockalily Cuts vest. My back needs a rest from my summer shoes, so they're sweltering in leopard print trainers.

I've used an ombre clip in to create longer hair to braid.


Rockalily Style : Co-ords

Last night I was off to the #motelvintage bloggers' event and I decided to finally brave the cropped top to this skirt. The outfit is from Collectif, and when they sent it to me, I adored it, but the top felt a little too scary for me! I've worn the skirt a few times, but it makes a much bigger kick as a co-ord (apparently that is what we call matching sets these days! He he).

I am wearing an XS, which surprisingly fits my boobs in, so it may be worth trying a range of sizes on if you're keen. Collectif are having a 50% off everything instore and online today, alternatively you can use REE10 for a smaller discount on any other days.


#MotelVintage - Motel Rocks Vintage with Rockalily Cuts

Last night I was excited to take part in an exclusive bloggers' exclusive viewing for Motel Rocks Vintage. The night  (and their weekend pop-up shop open to the public) was showcasing their line of one-off upcycled/reworked vintage pieces.

Rockalily Cuts was on hand to provide vintage hair styling for all the invited bloggers, creating looks from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. There was great music playing, drinks, and clothes to look at! What else do you need for a fun event?

The Motel Rocks Vintage range was really great, and if I'm being honest I hadn't expected it to be! Whoops! I had presumed it would all focus on the fashion for the 80s and 90s, something which I'm not that into (I'll leave that to the younger ones!). However, I found quite a few pieces that I'd love to mix into my wardrobe.

The upcycling is based around set shapes, so that there are lots of different fabrics to select from. I really liked this little checked cropped top, which would definitely look mid-century with a high waisted pencil skirt or cropped jeans. Their Gypsy Crop is £22.

I'm obsessed with varisty jackets, and I found it very hard not to but one of these satin embroidered ones, as I've always wanted one. These were a bargain £45.

There was also some other goodies to look at, The Vintage Cosmetic Company were applying lashes, and GoGo Philip let me model this bling-tastic gold necklace. It was so fabulous, and only £20.

We had a ton of fun! If you want to go to the pop-up shop yourself, it is open today (31st July) and tomorrow (August 1st) at 71-73 Great Portland Street.


Little Mix for Collection - All about the eyes palette

I've recently blogged about my love of nude eyeshadows so when I recieved this (for review) new Little Mix palette for Collection (previously Collection 2000) I knew I'd be trying it out straight away! This particular palette launches in Superdrug stores today.

They're a nice collection of nudes, all of them apart from the matte black have a hint of shimmer/sparkle in them. 

As with all lower priced palettes I'd suggest binning the eyeshadow applicator that comes with, and use your own quality brush. It makes a ton of difference! I also never wear eyeshadow without a quality primer.

They went on nicely, and an odd thing I quite like about it, as that as the box is made of cardboard, its super light, which would make it a good option for having in your handbag, or for travelling.


Learning to Victory Roll

At the weekend I hosted a small victory roll workshop at the new blow dry bar Rockalily Styles. I like to focus on developing the confidence to keep practising doing your own victory rolls back at home. No one is born being able to victory roll - it just takes practice!

If you want to have a go at home, how about checking out Fleur's victory roll tutorial?

Or how these 6 ways of creating a victory roll from Vintagious

If you're interested in learning how to create some vintage inspired looks in your hair, email on to get a quote for your own workshop!


Azendi alphabet necklace

I'd be lying if I said I didn't love a random gift of jewellery in the post, so when this little parcel arrived from Azendi, I was definitely a little excited.

I am a big fan of costume jewellery generally, its cheap, fun and can be trend led as it won't need to last long. However there is something a bit special about owning jewellery a little more permanent (expensive!). Mid-market jewellery is accessible, but still can feel pretty special. I know for example that my mother has an Alex Monroe bee necklace that she wears every day. Alex Monroe is another great example of that mid-price point in luxury jewellery.

The R necklace is reminiscent of Carrie's gold name necklace from Sex and The City, and I really like how it sits at a slant (the chain is connected at the same point on the letter).

I was sent the necklace for review, but haven't taken it off since! I love it!

I had a peek at the site, and picked a few of my favourites to share too:

Follow the 90s trend for daisys with this silver necklace

Or how about following the East London trend for all thing taxidermy with an antler necklace?

Or even stick with classic rockabilly with a swallows chain?

You can use the Azendi discount code of 'rockalily' for a cheeky discount.