Rockalily Cuts in Daily Mail and Daily Express with Pinterest

This week we were excited to be invited along to the Pinterest Day of the Dead Party, which you can read more about as it was featured both on the Daily Express and the Daily Mail.

Rockalily Cuts, along with Wah Nails and London Body Paint were on hand to help showcase Halloween inspired Day of the Dead hair, nails and face paint.

I knew I wouldn't have time to get made over at the party, so I gave it my best shot at the salon. I had stubby face paint crayons, and struggled somewhat, but on the third attempt, adding some eyeshadow into the mix, I decided I was good enough to go!

It definitely got me in the mood for halloween tomorrow!

Look at the amazing sugar skull nails Wah Nails were doing!!



Rockalily Style: Rocking my Bob


I'm starting to adapt to my shorter hair, and finally starting to enjoy having a bob. I may grow it to a 'lob' (long-bob) and see what I prefer. I'm also having a half wig made for me, which should give me the chance to have long hair again! It seems that blue half wigs don't exist!

I was wearing a bright blue striped stretch pencil skirt, my Dorothy Perkins leather jacket, my Ted Baker bag and some leopard print trainers.


Rockalily Style - American Apparel Disco Pants

I've finally taken the leap in the disco pant world to the heady heights of American Apparel. My last pair of blue disco pants were cheap £12 ones, but having found my inner-love for them, I've finally upgraded. I've heard mixed reviews about whether the £74 price tag is worth it - watch this space I guess!


Rockalily Style: Vintage Silk Dress Destroyed

One of my best friends is getting married today (well married legally today, and a wedding ceremony next week too), and I'd planned on wearing this vintge silk dress for it. Sadly when I got it out yesterday, I noticed it has been ruined. Something has enjoyed eating it, and the silk has deteriorated all over. So sad. I've decided to try and give it one outing (it isn't fixable), so please keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't fall apart during the ceremony!

The faux fur stole is to keep me warm and to hide the holes on the shoulders!



Tutti Rouge Lingerie Review - The Kitty Bra

There is a new bigger-busted lingerie company on the block, and you may want to check them out.

Tutti Rouge offers sizes 28-38 DD-HH, and they're super cute. Long gone are the days that us larger boobed ladies need to stick to boring and ugly bras.

They sent me this Kitty Bra to try, which sells for £32, and the skirty short which is £16 and the brazilian pant which is £15.

I'm a little too used to higher waisted knickers, and I feel a little uncomfortable in the skirty short, simply because they sit so low. But perhaps it's just something I'll get used to, it's just a very new silhouette for me!

When you try on a bra, you want to ignore the label, and just check the fit. The back should be sitting horizontally, it shouldn't rise up. If your back rises up it is too big for you. Try a smaller band size. The front of the bra should sit flat against your chest. The middle of the bra should be flush against you, not peeking forward.

I'm wearing a 34DD bra, the skirty shorts are a S, and the pants are a M.


Rockalily Style: Lingerie before work


I wore my little checked mini dress, which is a charity shop find but from Oasis originally. It has a cute 60s vibe to it. It's pretty brisk out there now, so I teamed it with a Collectif cardigan (use REE10 for a discount).  I rockabilly-ed it up with a red bandana and chunky black and white heels from Dr Marten.

I was going via a Freye Lingerie press event to work, which led to my usual argument with the lovely bra fitters. I've collaborated with Freya for a while now, and rarely take the size they'd like me to wear! Ha ha. Today was no different. I like to wear a 36DD, and they like me to wear a 30GG. We compromised on a 32G. When it arrives I'll take some photos to show you why I prefer a more ill-fitting bra ;-)


Why did I wait so long - Daylight Bulbs

Every winter I bemoan the bloggers' curse of poor lighting, it makes outfit pictures, or in fact any pictures very challenging to take at home. I laugh, but actually these types of thing matter! He he!

I finally ordered a daylight light bulb after a recommendation on twitter, and oh gosh, why did I wait so long!

I love it, not just for photos, but just for the light it gives my flat. It is meant to help with SAD and I can see why. It doesn't feel dull, yellow and dark. I've ordered another for my side lamp too.

1. Why did I wait so long to buy expensive  make up brushes?

2. Why did I wait so long to wear nude eyeshadow?