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Little Mix for Collection - All about the eyes palette

I've recently blogged about my love of nude eyeshadows so when I recieved this (for review) new Little Mix palette for Collection (previously Collection 2000) I knew I'd be trying it out straight away! This particular palette launches in Superdrug stores today.

They're a nice collection of nudes, all of them apart from the matte black have a hint of shimmer/sparkle in them. 

As with all lower priced palettes I'd suggest binning the eyeshadow applicator that comes with, and use your own quality brush. It makes a ton of difference! I also never wear eyeshadow without a quality primer.

They went on nicely, and an odd thing I quite like about it, as that as the box is made of cardboard, its super light, which would make it a good option for having in your handbag, or for travelling.


Learning to Victory Roll

At the weekend I hosted a small victory roll workshop at the new blow dry bar Rockalily Styles. I like to focus on developing the confidence to keep practising doing your own victory rolls back at home. No one is born being able to victory roll - it just takes practice!

If you want to have a go at home, how about checking out Fleur's victory roll tutorial?

Or how these 6 ways of creating a victory roll from Vintagious

If you're interested in learning how to create some vintage inspired looks in your hair, email on to get a quote for your own workshop!


Azendi alphabet necklace

I'd be lying if I said I didn't love a random gift of jewellery in the post, so when this little parcel arrived from Azendi, I was definitely a little excited.

I am a big fan of costume jewellery generally, its cheap, fun and can be trend led as it won't need to last long. However there is something a bit special about owning jewellery a little more permanent (expensive!). Mid-market jewellery is accessible, but still can feel pretty special. I know for example that my mother has an Alex Monroe bee necklace that she wears every day. Alex Monroe is another great example of that mid-price point in luxury jewellery.

The R necklace is reminiscent of Carrie's gold name necklace from Sex and The City, and I really like how it sits at a slant (the chain is connected at the same point on the letter).

I was sent the necklace for review, but haven't taken it off since! I love it!

I had a peek at the site, and picked a few of my favourites to share too:

Follow the 90s trend for daisys with this silver necklace

Or how about following the East London trend for all thing taxidermy with an antler necklace?

Or even stick with classic rockabilly with a swallows chain?

You can use the Azendi discount code of 'rockalily' for a cheeky discount.


Rockalily Style - Boyfriend Jeans


A casual date night outfit as I'm pretty exhausted, and there is something about jeans that feels a little like a hug, don't you think? Or maybe it's because I don't wear jeans that often!

I have had a bad back for over 15 years, and have got a grip on what causes me pain etc. If you've ever seen my kneeling chair at the salon it's there because I can't sit on a regular chair for extended periods of time. Anyhow, it's playing up pretty terribly at the moment, so part of me just wants to lay down on the floor all night. Hardly a fun date though!


Making changes and finding motivation


They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

Andy Warhol


To change what you get you must change who you are.

Vernon Howard


"I wish I had your motivation", is a phrase I have heard a few times, often to do with my change in lifestyle and eating habits, but sometimes in relation to my business too. But I guess what people fail to remember is that motivation can't be ordered on amazon, to arrive ready to opened and worn to the gym. Marketing can try and convince us otherwise, I'm surely not the only one who has used the rationalisation that buying something new will get me more  motivated to  make changes. That sort of motivation is usually pretty short lived, those £120 trainers may get you running once or twice, but their sparkling appeal quickly dulls.

Andy Warhol's quote emphasises the need to take responsbility for ourselves and our choices. Conversely that means calling time on our own bullsh*t excuses. Excuses are just ways of shirking the acceptance of our own choices. 

Vernon Howard reminds us that we cannot keep repeating the same choices and actions, and expect a different outcome. If you want to change your body, you will have to change how you treat it. If you return to your old habits, the old outcomes with return. You need to accept that you will consistently make difference choices if you want to be changed.


Change isn't always easy, there are multi billion dollar industries that want to sell us products and ideas that don't always sit correctly with their changes you wish to see. Recent beliefs that I've had to change include:


  • You celebrate birthdays and events with cake. 
  • If you deserve a treat, you shouldn't have to deny yourself from fatty foods. You deserve it.
  • There are set times for eating. Routines need to followed.
  • Hunger is dangerous. This one needs a little explanation I think, as I'm not advocating hunger! However, I used to eat in advance of hunger, so if I thought I may get hungry in two hours, I'd eat before leaving, to make double sure I wouldn't get hungry. This seems to forget the crucial fact that I live in a society where food is plentiful. It also forgets that if, god forbid, I started edging to a small amount of hunger, that I am still able to function. Low-level hunger tells you its time to eat, rather than needing to be consistently full. If I'm hungry I eat. I've worked on not eating, if I'm not hungry.

Change starts from a firm decision. Not waiting to suddenly feeling motivated (it rarely happens that way), but just behaving as if you were motivated. Motivation is a choice, rather than a feeling. 





What is the best eye liner for retro flicks?

If like me, you're addicted to eyeliner flicks, you've probably gone through your fair share of liners; gels, pencils, pens, liquid, in every make up brand going - bargain basement, high end, or free with a magazine. I decided to get some recommendations from some of my favourite bloggers, makeup artists, tweeters and just people who may be worth listening to! I've asked so you don't need to!

Lauren Luke (panacea81)

Lily Melrose (llymlrs

London Beauty Queen 

Sabina Kelley 

 Emma (milkteef)

British Beauty Blogger 

Gizzi Erskine 

Zoe London

George (Fuller Figure Fuller Bust

Charlotte (lipglossiping)  

London Beauty Review 

Ree (ReallyRee)

Adrienne (The Sunday Girl) 

Love Moi Makeup

I will keep adding to the list - so watch this space! Feel free to recommend your favourite in the comments too!


Rockalily Style - Picnic Perfect in Vintage Vogue

I was off to another evening  picnic, as I'm trying to embrace the sunshine when we have it! I live near Alexandra Palace, and I feel so lucky to have such a glorious place right on my metaphorical doorstep. The view of London city from there surely cannot be beaten.

I wore a  perfect picnic dress. Mother Rockette made it from a Vintage Vogue pattern.