Rockalily Style - Day and Night




I wore clashing stripes, which shouldn't work but does I think! The dress is from H&M, with a orange striped jumper over the top.

This was to carry me through all day at a trade show to all evening at an Ed Sheeran concert.


Vintage Hair at Rockalily

I've 'known' Flamingo Amy in the virtual/online sense for years, and was super excited to finally get to meet her! Rockalily hosted her as a guest stylist this weekend, and I loved watching her craft her hair magic.

Amy specialises in 20s and 30s hairstyles, so I was super keen to be inspired by her artistic skills as we don't do as much of this type of hair here.

I wanted the opportunity to probably have a catch up so I booked myself in too!

Do you have people you've always wanted to meet in real life? Isn't the internet great at expanding the pool of people we have access to!


Rockalily Style - Can I buy Tatyana dresses in the UK?

Sometimes I seem to 'forget' that I own and like certain items in my wardrobe, and yesterday I pulled this ol' thing out of the depths of my closet.

It's a brand that was called Bettie Page, but has switched to Tatyana. I have a few Bettie Page dresses and the quality has astounded me. I'm always tempted to just clear my entire cupboard, and have 7 days worth of these. They're stretchy and so comfortable. I've had all of mine for years and years now, and honestly they still look new.

The stretch means that all of my Bettie Page dresses have survived my weight change, and I throw them all in the washing machine too. Even just writing this post makes me want to order a new one straight away.

Tatyana is an US label, so I've had a little look for some UK stockists. I haven't tried any of the dresses for  years, and I have read a few things about a change in quality. I'd love to explore this more, so maybe in the name of science I need to order myself a new one! I really hope they're just as brilliant as before.

You can order Bettie Page/ Tatyana dresses in the UK from:

Atom Retro


Audrey Star's Boutique

I'll add anymore that I find along the way. These three are online only, and seem to stock different dresses from each other, so perhaps check them all out!


Why is Starbucks so bad at customer service?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the Starbucks brand. I've read the books, and kept drinking the coffee. I've even blogged about their rebranding of their stores. I am the perfect Starbucks customer - I love the syrups, and blended frappacinos and even use their mugs at home (bought not stolen!). I even used to be a Starbucks mystery shopper, each month having to weigh, measure, and assess 3 of my local stores in Brighton.

Today, as I ordered my morning coffee at my new local Starbucks, I was somewhat confused at how muddled it has all become.

I order a Caramel Frappacino Light. This used to be easy, and now always seems to cause many little annoying hiccups. Firstly, they always seem in a muddle as to whether I want a coffee based drink. If I didn't want coffee I'd have asked for a Caramel Crème, which I didn't.

Then they get in a muddle about whether I want cream on top. The 'Light' shouldn't come with cream, so I'm not sure why we all have to waste time being asked.

I'm now also asked whether I want the sugar free caramel or not. If I did, I'd ask for it.

Oh and I'm also asked each time whether I want a caramel drizzle on top. Just make it as it comes people. 

I'm not sure exactly why it all bothers me so much, its just I've really noticed how much longer its takes to order my drink now. It seems the opposite of what I loved about Starbucks - being streamlined and fabulous.

I also find the Starbucks ordering system pretty clunky as it goes. As a customer, I have to explain my drink twice every time; once to the server, and once to the person on the till. This has always bothered me, but definitely adds to my general annoyance now that my drink order feels extra clunky too. I've never understood why they haven't streamlined this yet.

Come on Starbucks, I know you can do better! 


Barber and Hairstylist Tattoos

Do you have a career or job related tattoo? I actually have a few, I have one from when I was teacher, one from when I was a librarian, and one from owning a hair salon. Jobs often represent milestones in our lives that we are proud of, so they're a common theme in tattoo choices.

If you're looking for inspiration for a barber or hair stylist tattoo, check out our Pinterest board!

Follow Rockalily's board Tattoos For Hairdressers/Hair Stylists/Barbers on Pinterest.


Red Hair - Tips to maintain your colour and inspiration from Rockalily Cuts

There is a certain something about red hair. Whether it's firey, fierce or fantastically glamourous, you can't be too shy if you choose red locks.

The spectrum of reds can range from more pinky tones, right through to coppers. But I'm sure you'll agree that they're all pretty bad ass.

You don't have to go bright red all over either, a flash of red, or a flash of a contrasting colour can be a super fun way of keeping a little more alternative looking.

Red is a stubborn colour, and it can fade pretty fast, which can be disappointing but unavoidable. However there are things you can do to maintain the fabulousness of your new red shade.


  • Use a colour-friendly shampoo. Sulphates in particular can strip your colour super fast, so pick a shampoo wisely.
  • Wash your hair less often. Breaking the daily or every other day wash is perhaps one of the best things you can do for your colour. Try some dry shampoo or root boost powder to absorb the grease at the roots.
  • Use a colour boosting conditioner. You can either mix a product like Directions into your conditioner, or buy some ready made versions that are now available in most hair shops.



BOB by Dawn O'Porter - 50s style skirts

BOB by Dawn O'Porter is a new fashion line, seemingly selling a range of vintage and vintage inspired reproduction, which launches today.

I clocked these skirts a while back on social media, but as of yet, and struggled to find too much out about them. I'm not sure where the range is being stocked (online only?), and how much these items will cost.

I can definitely imagine that I'll see a lot of people I know wearing these skirts! 

Long length skirts can be challenging to find on the high street, most skirts that look knee length seem to land above the knee, rather than on or under.

As today is BOB's press day, hopefully the website will go live today too, and we can all have a nose!


ETA - I've since been told the price; I'm not sure I'll see my friends in them!