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Things that make me irrationally angry - Not walking on the left

Things that make me irrationally angry - Part 1

My blog is a pretty positive place to be, I'm a believer in working hard to filter our thoughts and speech to change our experiences of the world. We find what we seek, and like attracts like. However, of course my brain isn't incapable of feeling that irrational rage that can sweep over us with little warning. I've decided to start a series of posts, sharing some of my 'seeing red' moments.

People who walk on the wrong side of the walkway or stairs in tube stations.

My local tube station has a very long walkway, which is divided into two with a long barrier. Both sides of the divider are quite narrow. It makes perfect and logical sense that one side is for incoming traffic, while the other for outgoing. Its a busy station, and 95% of the time, people grasp the concept. It keeps the walkway very functional and easy.

There are the few rogue walkers who walk on the wrong side. It makes my blood boil with irrational rage. Do they feel they are above social norms? Are they attention seekers who know they cause irrational rage, and secretly get off on it? Are they that stupid that they cannot see the logic in following a system to enable everyone to get where they need to be, with little fuss? Do they operate outside of the law?!

Ha, as I said, this is irrational anger. It shouldn't really bother me, but it just does! Walk on the left people!


Rockalily Style - AmicaFox Reef Leggings


I was lucky enough to be sent these fish-tastic leggings from AmicaFox, these are called 'Reef' and are a size S.

I still get nervous ordering clothes in a size small, particularly tight things like  leggings!

I guess if you've been one size for most of your life, it takes a while to trust any changes you've made.

Have you embraced the trend for photographic printed leggings yet?


Rockalily Style - Hatching baby spiders?

This is a rather gross story, so turn away if you don't want to read my brief story of my infected insect bite (you've been warned).

About 5 days ago I went on an evening picnic, and the morning after I noticed I had a bite on my leg. Not a normal one, more like a blister. 24 hours later, it was pretty impressive, and I popped along to my local chemist. He gasped, and advised I apply antiseptic, but that it should pass in day or two.

Roll forward another day or two, and its still there. I'd started joking that it was a blister full of spider eggs, but after a while I started to find it less funny! I returned to the same chemist, who this time said, "Oh my gosh, go to a doctor", so today I visited my GP.

I told my whole little story, including my spider egg theory, and she said that she would lance it (pop it!). Eeeek!

She said that she'd expect it to heal well now, but to still keep an eye on it. It's still pretty large and gross! She reassured me with a smile that she found no baby spiders. Phew.

Anyhow, this is the outfit I wore today. To visit the doctor.




Rockalily Style - Maintenance Woman





A painting and decorating outfit! I'd just got sent a new flower from Voodoo Betty's Boutique , so I thought I'd jazz up my slept-in victory rolls with it!

Part of my job title should include 'Maintenence Woman'. I painted both of my salons (Mother and Auntie Rockette helped with the first, and an ex-boyfriend helped with the second). Yesterday Rockalily Cuts needed a bit of a spruce up, so I got handy with the roller again.

As I only did two walls and the floor, I didn't need help this time. I ended up pretty grubby but that's part of the fun isn't it!


Lie Down I Think I Love You - Our new Kingsland Road coffee shop

Rockalily Cuts (and Rockalily Styles, our blow dry bar) is on Kingsland Road in Hoxton, East London, on a small strip of shops. We're super excited about our new neighbour - Lie Down I Think I Love You


"'Lie down I think I love you' was established as a backlash to the ubiquitous, mass-produced, designer rip-off. The company ethos was to design and produce a 'Made in London' brand using quality leathers, traditional craftsmanship and re-working vintage fabrics and objects.

A brand that offers a product unique to the wearer by using handpicked and colour-matched vintage scarves or powder compacts.Design ideals include English eccentricism, nostalgia and romance which have captured a loyal fan base coming from distances such as Japan just to visit the boutique."


Their new boutique however is more than just a treasure trove for their wares, its an uber cute coffee shop! Yey for us and our clients at Rockalily Cuts!

They sell some secret items, in store only; vintage dresses, purses made out of vintage scarves and plastic weave baskets (with vintage fabric lining) so do pop in!


Rockalily Style - Pineapples


Odd lighting, and rather odd style statement I guess. I can't decide if I actually like this top or not (from Primark). I actually don't think I do, and may give it to charity this week. It's not very me, even though it felt like it could be on the hanger!


London Skyline Tattoo from Jesus Cuesta

 Even back when I used to have more precise ideas for tattoo ideas, I've always been a 'yes' tattoo client. I rarely make changes to a design, I don't usually need many goes at placing the stencil, and I usually accept any ideas the tattooist brings. I'm in no way saying that this is a good way to be, just the sort of tattoo client I am! It's not failed me so far though!

Through the magical looking glass of Instagram I discovered Jesus Cuesta, a tattooist in Madrid. I've always wanted a 'London' tattoo but never managed to find one I've liked the look of. Then I saw these tattoos that Jesus had done, and I knew he'd be the perfect man for the task.

By chance I saw that he was tattooing for a few days in London, at the new studio Seven Doors Tattoo, which is now home to many tattooists I admire the work of, so I jumped at the chance of an appointment.

Jesus hadn't drawn anything up prior to my arrival, and we had a quick chat about ideas (I'd emailed showing the ones of his I'd admired). We talked about 4 different potential placements for it, and I let him choose. Although I'm trying to fill my arms, I don't blame him for going with my leg! It means the design wouldn't need shrinking and wouldn't wrap around (my forearms are quite narrow).

We got to it, and after a time the outline was done. I glanced down over the book I'd brought to read, and knew I'd made the right choice! I love the detail of London blended with the right amount of tacky kitsch. I couldn't wait to see the colours (again I let Jesus completely choose the colour palette).

A more modern element of a tattoo appointment is now the customary "How do we get a good shot of this before it goes gross for 2 weeks". 

I think this one just had to wait for the right time. I had no clue how to make a London tattoo 'cool' but was still convinced I wanted one, one day. This one was made for me (literally of course!).